Tamil Tv Serial Vanathai Pola

Vanathai Pola Tamil TV SERIALS on SUN TV

Vanathai Pola is a Tamil serial written by Raj Prabu and directed by A Ramachandran. Climont composed the theme song, Antha Saamiyathan Paakala. Uday Shankar produced the series. Naga Krishnan cranked the camera, and Sajin C edited the series. The series started airing on Sun TV on 7th December 2020. It is the remake of the Telugu serial Subhadra Parinayam that premiered on Gemini TV. The main story is about the bonding between Chinrasu and his sister Tulasi. Chinrasu and Tulasi lost their parents, and their grandmother was the one who cared for them. Years passed, and they both have grown well. Chinrasu starts looking for a suitable groom in a joint family for his sister. But, Tulasi wants to stay with her brother, as she never wants to get separated from him. But, fate has different plans, and she falls in love with Vetri, the Panchayat board officer. Unfortunately, Vetri and Chinrasu don’t have good terms.

Meanwhile, Rajapandi loves Tulasi and wants to get her married. As Rajapandi and his father Sankarapandi are not good, Chinrasu doesn’t want his sister to marry him and rejects the proposal. Finally, Chinrasu fixes his sister’s marriage with Vishwa. As the government seizes Chinrasu’s properties for his surety towards his fellow villagers, Vishwa’s parents stop the marriage. Although Tulasi is relieved for not getting married, she can’t bear the embarrassing situation faced by her brother. Chinrasu thinks that Vetri is involved, but Vetri denies his connection with the seizure. Rajapandi comes to the rescue and is brought to the stage as a replacement bridegroom. What happens next? Did he marry Tulasi? The rest of the story deals with this.

Thaman Kumar plays Chinrasu and Shwetha Khelge plays Tulasi, his sister. Debjani Modak plays Sandhya, the love interest of Chinrasu. Ashwanth Thilak plays the role, Vetri, Tulasi’s love interest. Sai Latha, Karthi, Senthi Kumari, Mahanadi Shankar, Seeniamma, Manoj Kumar, VJ Mounika, Preethi Kumar, Ravivarman, Vetrivelan, Dhakshayini, and Jennifer are in the supporting roles. The serial had a few Mahasangamam episodes with Poove Unakkaga serial.