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Uday Shankar is one the most well-known Indian film directors in the Tamil and Telugu film industry. He has directed many films, and one of it has even won national award for the best feature film. Uday is a very talented director, and his potential is countless.

He puts all his effort into his movies and thus his pictures come out to be major hits in the Tamil and Telugu industry. He made his debut with the flickPochudava in the year 1996. After which he directed many of cinemas and his recent picture released in the year 2014.

Udaya Shankar was born in Tamil Nadu, India. Uday made his debut film Pochudava in the year 1996. He worked with Abbas Simran in this film. This film was a super hit and was a very successful movie for a debut director like him.

In the year 2000, he directed his next Telugu film called KalisundamRaa. This film received many awards. The movie also is a recipient of national awards for the best feature film in Telugu. In this picture, Uday worked with Venkatesh and Simran.

This movie was considered to be the biggest hit in Telugu film industry in seventy years until Narasimha released in the year 2001. Uday again collaborated with Venkatesh and Simran for his next film PremathoRaa. This movie released in the consecutive next year, i.e., in the year 2001.

He tried his level best for this film to be in the biggest hits in the Telugu film industry but this time he failed to cross his bar set by his last movie, KalisundamRaa. He then returned to the Tamil industry and directed a flick called Thavasi. For this picture, he collaborated with Vijayakanth for the second time. This film released in the year 2001.

The film had a different kind of reviews, but it earned well at the box office. In the year 2003, Udayshankar directed the movie Ondagona Baa which was a Kannada film. After three years, i.e., in the year 2006, he focused on a picture with Totempudi Gopichand called Rajaru; this was a Telugu film and did not do well at the box office.

Then in the year 2007, he again directed a Tamil Film called Vegam. In the next consecutive year, i.e., 2008, he focused on a movie Baladur with Ravi Teja Ravi Teja is the popular Telugu hero, whose birth >> Read More... . Baldur was a Telugu Film. Baladur movie was not very much liked by the audience and thus did not earn well at the box office.

Then he took a long break and came back in the year 2014 with the film BhimavaramBullodu. BhimavaramBullodu was a Telugu picture and earned decently in the box office.


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