Tamil Tv Serial Vaira Nenjam

Vaira Nenjam Tamil Tv serials on Kalaingar tv

Vaira Nenjam is a Tamil television soap opera. The production of this television show had been looked after by AVM Productions. This television series has produced one hundred and eighty-eight episodes in total. And the length of each episode is timed approximately between eighteen to twenty-one minutes. This television show’s story travels through the life of Sakthi. She is a very innocent and kind natured girl. She is the kind of a girl, whose entire life always revolves only around her family. Eventually, in the story, she begins to fall in love with one of her relatives. This person is her cousin, and he goes by the name Jeeva.

Although Sakthi takes a decision that she will get married to him only after all of her siblings settle down in their respective lives. Jeeva is a very understanding human being, and that is why he supports her for the decision she took. He agrees to wait to get married toSakthi until she had fulfilled all of her prior made commitments. Meanwhile, one of Sakthi’s sisters, whose name is Nandini, gets attached romantically with a man. This man’s name is Anand. During their relationship, which is out of wedlock, Nandini gets pregnant.

When the family comes to know about this, everyone in the family falls in turmoil. However, Sakthi, out of sheer courage, takes the initiative to try and find out a solution for this problem that Nandini had arisen. She puts a lot of thought in this matter and eventually decides to go and have a meet with Anand’s mother and reason with her. His mother’s name is Vaitheeswari. She is a very prosperous and successful industrialist. Upon meeting her, Sakthi proposes to her, that Anand and Nandini should get married.

Vaitheeswari agrees to Sakthi but puts in front of her a condition of her agreement. The condition is thatSakthi will get married to her elder son, and Anand’s brother, Vairam. Sakthi falls in a plunge of shock upon hearing this. Eventually, she also gets to learn that Vairam is mentally unbalanced. What happens next crafts the climax of this television soap opera. Sakthi stands at the crossroads between choosing her family, or her love. She had been faced with the test of responsibility versus life. What Sakthi decides generates the climax of this show; and will her decision result in a happy ending or sad ending?