Tamil Tv Serial Town Galatta

Town Galatta Tamil tv-serials on PuthuYugam TV

Town Galatta is a situational comedy based TV show which came on the on the channel Puthuyugam TV. The serial is a Tamil one that came on every weekday between Monday and Thursday in the half hour time slot of 9 PM to 9:30 PM. The show ran successfully for a number of years and got viewed regularly. The show became a fan favorite soon and amassed a huge fan following. It got viewed on a regular basis and enjoyed huge loyalty from the fans. Coupled with the brilliant acting skills displayed by the cast members made it an instant hit amongst the audiences.

Not just in Tamil Nadu, the serial became a regular favorite of viewers all over the country. It soon became one of the most-viewed series amidst the Tamil overseas audience as well. Town Galatta is a building where some of the craziest and weirdest people have made their residence. The place gets filled with eccentric people with all sorts of quirks. They get embroiled in various sticky situations and come up with mind-boggling ideas to get out the mess they create. The series got filled with comical chaos which gets created by the members of the house. The actors are all brilliant comedians with excellent comic timing. These people celebrate and fight with other but are always there to stand behind one another.

The kaleidoscope of characters found in this whacky town includes a retired Army major who is a big miser and is always boasting about his achievements on the battlefield. Joining him is an IT professional who quit his job so that he could pursue his passion for cooking. There is also an eccentric senior citizen who wants to become a famous author. The building is also filled with young and beautiful women who get wooed by all the men. There is also an auto stand as well as a tea stall near their apartment.

These folks keep an eye out on everything that goes on in the house and makes sure they can extract any benefit out of the escapades happening between the residents. Town Galatta showed the socio-cultural issues which Indian families face many times. The series became immensely popular amidst all members of society and gets watched even today. The episodes covered many issues, a lot of which got aimed at establishing a connection with the viewers. This helped it in developing a sizable fan following who tuned in regularly.