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Priyamudan Nagini is a popular light - hearted comedy - drama Tamil serial which is broadcasted on the infamous Polimer TV which is a Tamil Language channel. This serial is the Tamil dubbed version of the famous Hindi serial Ichhapyaari Naagin. As the name suggests, Priyamudan Nagini is the story of a snake which is a weird color (pink and white) who has come to our planet Earth from space to interact with humans and get to know our lifestyle etc. Since the snake is an alien, it has the power to change its shape and size from a snake to a beautiful woman any time it wants according to the demand of the situation. Other than woman she can change her shape into anything she likes like a man, a child, etc. The woman is showcased to be of a lovely nature full of comedy as well as humor.

The lead roles are undertaken by Priyal Gor (the snake cum the woman) and Mishkat Varma (Pratap). Everything was going as per plan, and she was able to interact with humans and was starting to understand them. Just then a problem arose. This was the problem of love. The alien female snake was exploring the neighborhood in her female form when she saw Pratap, a young, tall and handsome man and she fell in love with him the instant she saw him that is at first sight. The show further showcases the snake’s struggle to meet and communicate with Pratap at first. Defying all the struggles she meets him and starts to meet him continuously.

Pratap, on the other hand, could not believe his luck and also starts to fall in love with her as well. He introduces her to her family, and she starts living with them in their house. She is accepted by all of the family members as she is very good natured and likes to help everyone which is a complete opposite of the work she was sent to do on earth. One of the episodes showcases the boy cooking by listening to a recipe on the radio and the girl is passing by but stops to see what’s going on. By using her magical powers. she mixes the radio instructions and makes the boy do funny actions like standing on one foot, holding the opposite ear, etc. The show is a mix of comedy as well as drama. The serial has more than one hundred episodes and is well received by the public.