Tamil Tv Serial Oru Manithanin Kadhai


Oru Manithanin Kadhai, a very famous novel in Tamil was written by the popular writer Sivasankari. She is very famous for her writing, in which she always displays her interest for the upliftment of the society and the upliftment of women. All her stories are based on the family and social issues. The novel, Oru manithanin Kadhai was a grand success and it was adapted into a serial by AVM Productions and it proved to be a hit. Actor Raghuvaran was the hero, Thyagu, who was an alcoholic and his life was ruined because of that dreadful habit.

Raghuvaran found a lifeline in this serial Oru Manithanin Kadhai which had for it’s central character an alcoholic who ruins himself and his household due to his addiction. Madhuri played the role of Ganga, Thyagu’s wife, Srinivasan as his cruel father. Y.G.Mahendran played the role of a true friend who tries hard for the life of a friend. Thyagu, who was born to a kind mother and a sadist father got addicted to the habit of drinking after the ultimely demise of his sister and mother.

Due to the hatred towards his father and stepmother, he found solace in drinking. He was protrayed in the serial as a very kind man, longing for love. After his marriage, he searched for the true love and companionship from his wife. But, his wife was ignorant about that. Raghuvaran did that role with ease and the writer went on record to say that she rarely came across any actor so well-suited for the role. The serial was eventually made into a movie, “Thyagu”.

The serial was such a success that the viewers used to call the writer and plead her not to kill Thyagu. In an episode, Thyagu, hide his bottle in the cistern to avoid it from the eyes of his wife. After the episode was aired, an executive from a company had called the writer and was angry on her for depicting it. He had said that he used to do that and after watching the episode, his wife found out. The serial was an eye opener and it was after that serial, that many rehabilitation centres were opened in Chennai.

The actors in the serial played their roles with dedication and everyone were applauded for their roles. The mother role played by Usha created sympathy. The innocent lady was tortured by her cruel husband in many ways. Y.G.Mahendran received special applause for his role in this serial. Oru Manithanin Kadhai added one more feather in AVM Productions’ crown.