Tamil Tv Serial Mahasakthi

Mahasakthi Tamil Tv serials on Captain tv

In this show, the narrator tried to describe the daily crimes that a criminal committed for his well-being, but forgets about his long term worse effects of these crimes. In this show, Narrator translated various crimes like that of Murder, Assault, Rape, Dicot and many other cases and what are the reasons behind this commitment and how they make these crimes and what are the conditions for them and their families after they commit for Crime. This serial was meant for the daily routine crime that criminals commit and how police officers keep their eyes on the criminal.

This show was for the first time on Indian Television in which viewers can see what is the reason behind the crime and why did criminals take these steps to commit the crime and what will happen to the criminal when he/she is caught by police officers. Now we can see various types of Crime shows like the most famous are CID, Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India, India fights back. The concept behind all these types of Crime serials is same as they want the common man to awake for their Rights, Justice and Freedom and to finish the crime from our country.

These shows also wanted to tell the Criminals that your life will go in hell if you committed for this type of any crime once in your life and how badly you and your family have to face problems when you are caught after your crime because you can even lose your life and there is no one after you in your family to take care of them.

'Shankar Yadav' is a very popular Indian Tamil actress, anchor, Host. She is the very famous personality in the Television of Bollywood also. She was born on 27th June 1975 in Coimbatore, India. She played her role in various Hindi and Bhojpuri movies. She married to Shukla and now they are having twins. The other famous movies of Ravi are Guru, Pandit, Delhi, Vada and many other Television Shows.