Tamil Tv Serial Kanavarukaaga

Other names of : Kanavarukkaga, Kanavarukaga
Kanavarukaaga Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

‘Kanavarukaaga’ was a daily Tamil soap opera in Sun TV channel. It is a common story of the conflicts between two friends Sandhya and Padmini. Actress Sujitha plays Sandhya. In this serial, Padmini who is a close friend of Sandhya falls in love with Sandhya’s husband. On the other hand, Sandhya’s husband Vikram also, vexed that he does not understand his own wife, commits a blunder by falling in love with Sandhya’s friend Padmini. Vikram’s father, who is a wealthy business tycoon, not only manages his business but is also the head of a joint family of his other two brothers.

All live under the same roof. The story begins this way. Sandhya is a poor girl who works in Vikram’s father’s office. Vikram’s father likes the simple nature of Sandhya and requests Sandhya to marry his son Vikram since Vikram’s dad was on the lookout for a homely girl who could change the life of his son Vikram. But as it is a family drama, things take a number of bad turns in Sandhya’s life after marriage. Although Sandhya gets married to Vikram, she soon realized that Vikram does not love her but loves her friend Padmini. Vikram is almost characterized as a playboy. How she manages to cope up with her in-laws family and husband are the actual plots of this serial.

Although Sandhya’s father-in-law is supportive of Sandhya but does she change Vikram’s life? Why did Sandhya’s close friend Padmini create trouble in her life? That is not where Sandhya’s sacrifice ends.. Sandhya even arranges for the marriage of her husband Vikram with her close friend Padmini. This is because Padmini makes a drama acting as a cancer patient and wins sympathy from Sandhya. More drama arises when Vikram’s sister Roja gets pregnant due to her association with her lover before marriage. Sandhya helps Roja to deliver her child and prevents herin-laws from getting a bad name as well as Roja.

Well, except Padmini, who really plays the role of a vamp to spoil the life of her close friend, all characters are kept in good nature. What happens to Sandhya? Does she really win her husband’s faith at last?That is the question the series revolves around. Over melodrama content did keep family wives interested before the idiot box, but viewers also complained about why Sandhya should be shown as the suffering woman? But that is how a serial is and it did manage to have a long run in SUN TV. Actors in the cast are Uma Shankari, Roja, and Sujitha. This is similar to Ekta Kapoor's serial Kkussum but for Tamil viewers.