Tamil Tv Serial Kalloori Paravaigal

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“Kalloori Paravaigal” is a detour from the usual saas-bahu sagas. It is a show meant for youth. The protagonists are all young and are students of a college. It takes the inspiration from Boys over Flowers, a Korean product, which in turn took inspiration from Hana Yori Dango, a Japanese serial. Vikas Gupta is the creator. Aarzoo Fathadi, Manoj Tripathi, Akanksha Tewari, Anmol Mahajan, Karan Kapoor, Renu Watwani, and Vishal Watwani are the writers. Richa Yamini is responsible for the screenplay. Shashank Bhardwaj was the director for the first one hundred and fifty-eight episodes. Ashima Chibber and Rajeev Raj then took over the baton from him. Sagar Ambre and Punit Singh are the associate directors.

Neeraj Dhingra and Swati Saha are the producers. Mangesh Mahadik is the cinematographer. The story is based in a college named S.P.A.C.E. A music band, Fab5, which consists of five talented but arrogant and wealthy students, is the pride of S.P.A.C.E. The name of the members are Manik Malhotra, who is the lead singer and also the son of the institution's principal Nyonika Malhotra, Kabir, Mukti, Dhruv, and Alya. All of them bully a boy named Shahid. Tired of the bullying, he plans to commit suicide.

Two friends, Nandini Murthy and Navya Naveli save him. To keep the college's reputations intact Nyonika Malhotra offers both of them a scholarship and the chance to study. When Fab5 come to know about it, they start to insult both of them again. Their behavior infuriates Nandini, and she punches Manik on the face. Manik then decided to teach him a lesson but Alya, who is dating Manik, tells him to stop taking his revenge as she starts to feel that he is developing feelings for her.

After few more such meets and fights, both of them begin to realize their feelings for each other. As Manik opens up to Nandini, she understands that he is not as bad as she assumed. He confesses his feelings to her, and both of them share a kiss. However, Manik comes to know about Dhruv's feelings for her. Dhruv had saved Manik's life when he was young, and hence he feels indebted towards him. So he lies, insults and taunts Nandini and breaks up with her for the sake of Dhruv.

Meanwhile, Navya falls in love with Alya's brother Harshad, who is a thug and bears a grudge against Manik and his band. Will Manik lie all his life and will the couple come together or will they face more problems? Will Harshad succeed in his motive or will Fab5 and Nandini expose him and save Navya? The story answers all these questions as it progresses. Puthuyugam TV Channel telecasts it at eight in the evening. People can also watch its repeat telecast at half past ten.