Tamil Tv Serial Johnny Sokko

Johnny Sokko and his flying Robot aka Giant Robot, was a Japanese series aired in Doordharsan in late 1980's on Thursday's from 7.00 PM.

In this series, a Japanese Kid called Johnny Sokko, had accidentally voice-programmed a Giant Robot which is around 30 meters tall and thus the Robot only obeyed Johnny Sokko. He had a flip wrist watch on his wrist through which he commands his Robot and wears this watch always. This Giant Robot had plenty of weapons in his arsenal like a flying back missile, Radiation eye beam, a flame thrower, Flying V Missile, Finger Missiles etc. The Robot had a style of taking orders from Johnny by crossing his arms to his chest which became kid’s gesture in those days.

He then joins a Japanese team of agents from Unicorn Organisation (Called as U-Team) who fight against the aliens who invade Earth. Johnny Sokko was codenamed as U-7. The aliens are led by Alien Emperor Guillotine and he hid himself in a spaceship deep under the Earth's Ocean.

In every episode, the alien emperor sends one of his alien monster or his latest creation to attack the earth. Johnny Sokko along with his Robot would fight against these Monsters and would destroy them one by one.