Tamil Tv Serial Iru Malargal

Iru Malargal Tamil tv-serials on Polimer TV

Iru Malargal is a Tamil language TV show. The TV show Iru Malargal has been telecasted by Polimer TV for its Tamil audience. The TV show is actually a dubbed series of the popular Hindi TV show Kumkum Bhagya. The TV show has been created by Ekta Kapoor. The serial has been directed by Sharad Pandey and, Sameer Kulkarni. The show runs for 30 minutes on the TV screens. The main cast of the TV show is Sriti Jha who is the female lead and, is playing the character of Pragya Abhishek Mehra. Shabbir Ahluwalia who is the male lead is portraying the character of Abhishek Prem Mehra. He is Pragya’s husband. Arjit Taneja is playing the character of Purab Khanna. The show has the story of Sarla Arora. She is the owner of a marriage bureau and, her dream is to see both her daughters getting happily married.

Pragya, who is the elder daughter, is hardworking and, practical. She teaches at a college. The other daughter of Sarla is dreamy; she always has her head in the clouds. She also has a job, but she hates her boss who is Purab. The story of the TV show focuses on the lives of these two girls and about their dreams, hopes and, aspirations. At the beginning of the show there develops a love triangle between Suresh, Bulbul and, Pragya. Pragya fell for Suresh and, he fell for Bulbul. Pragya and, Suresh get engaged, but this engagement is canceled. Then enters Abhi, who is Purab’s friend and, is also a rock star. Bulbul and, Purab though hated in other in the past but their lives take such turns that both of them fall in even with each other. Purab is already engaged to Aliya.

Aliya misunderstands his extra affair with Pragya’s sister Bulbul. But she thinks that he loves Pragya. The story takes twists and, turns and Abhi gets married to Pragya for some revenge. For the protection of Bulbul, Pragya lies to Abhi. Purab escapes his day of marriage with Aliya and, runs away to marry Bulbul. Bulbul tells Abhi about herself and, about Pragya’s lie of telling him that she is Bulbul. After this, complications start in the show. Tanu and, Aloya start planning against Pragya, but Abhi started falling for her. The show keeps running with its ups and downs. Abhi always seems confused about his love for Pragya. But things eventually fall into their places and, he announces his engagement. The show has crossed over 100 plus episodes and is a big hit.

Another Version Of This Serial:

Iru Malargal belongs to drama genre. It is actually Tamil dubbed version of Kumkum Bhagya which airs on Zee TV. It telecasted on Polimer TV, later its dubbing rights were stopped, and it then continued on Zee Tamizh in the name IniyaIru Malgral. Sameer Kulkarni and Sharad Pandey are the directors, and Anil Nagpal (story, screenplay), Vikas Tiwari (screenplay) and Dheeraj Sarna (dialogues) are the writers. Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor produced the show under Balaji Telefilms banner.

The cast of show included Sriti Jha, Shabbir Ahluwalia, ArjitTaneja who was later replaced by Gunjan Utreja, Supriya Shukla, Shikha Singh, Daljeet Soundh, Zareena Roshan Khan, Madhu Raja, Mrunal Thakur (who later died in the show), Nikhil Arya, Madhurima Tuli who was later replaced by Leena Jumani, Ankit Mohan, Samiksha Bhatnagar who was later replaced by Swati Anand, Amit Dhawan who got replaced by Anurag Sharma, Shivani Soopuri, Ajay Trehan, Faisal Rashid, Neel Motwani and Aditi Rathore.

The show starts with the story of Sarla Arora who has a marriage hall, Kumkum Bhagya, and her only dream is to see her daughters, Pragya and Bulbul, getting happily married. Pragya and Bulbul are completely opposite from each other, Pragya is a hard-working, practical lecturer at a college while Bulbul is unpractical & hates her boss, Purab. The show is about the sisters’ lives, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. In the starting, a love triangle was shown between Pragya, Suresh, and Bulbul where Pragya liked Suresh who loved Bulbul. Suresh was Pragya’s friend, and later their engagement got cancelled. Then comes Abhishek Mehra aka Abhi, the rockstar, who is Purab’s best friend.

The twist comes when hatred between Purab and Bulbul changes into love as Purab was shown already engaged to Aliya, Abhi’s sister. Aliya misunderstands Pragya to be Purab’s love-interest, so Abhi marries Pragya only for revenge and Pragya remains quiet for her sister. On marriage day of Aliya and Purab, Bulbul reveals about her and Purab to Abhi, and Purab escapes to marry Bulbul which complicates everything. Tanu, Abhi’s girlfriend, and Aliya start plotting against Pragya but their every plan backfires bringing Pragya and Abhi closer.

They first planned a fake MMS, but Abhi learned the truth and his relation with Purab and Bulbul got improved. Then, on Bulbul’s engagement, Aliya plans to kidnap her but Pragya gets kidnapped, and she confesses her love to Abhi who also starts to love her. Aliya’s true colours get revealed on Purab’s wedding when she tries to marry him by fainting Bulbul, so Abhi slaps her. Later, Aliya, Tanu, and Nikhil start planning to make Abhi marry Tanu by blackmailing him through the unborn child of Tanu and Nikhil by telling the child to be Abhi’s.

Pragya gets to know their plan, but before she could tell Abhi, she gets into an accident and later returns with a complete makeover with determination to reveal their true faces. Bulbul and Purab get married which starts track of love and jealousy between Bulbul, Purab, and Aliya. In an incident to save her sister, Bulbul dies so in anger Pragya tells everything to Abhi who then sends Aliya to Australia as her punishment. Raj becomes positive after getting his misunderstandings cleared about Abhi by Pragya which makes his relation with Mitali complicated.

Pragya finally learns Tanu’s relation with Nikhil but her plan to expose her by DNA reports fail as her friend supports Tanu instead of her whose reason is revealed to be the kidnapping of her daughter by Aliya and Nikhil. Pragya herself gets kidnapped while trying to save her daughter, and later Tanu tries to kill Pragya by car but instead undergoes miscarriage and blames Pragya for it. Instead of Abhi’s anger, Pragya proves herself correct, and both proposes each other in Lonavala. A twist comes just after that as Abhi loses his complete memory of 2 and half years in an accident which was for Pragya, so Pragya leaves him for his protection. Then starts a new story with one-month leap having Aliya and Tanu as the antagonist.