Tamil Tv Serial Chithiram Pesuthadi

Chithiram Pesuthadi Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Chithiram Pesuthadi is a Zee Tamil serial that started premiering on 19th April 2021. Kavitha Bharathi directs and produces the series. It stars Deepika Rangaraju and Shiv Sathish in the lead roles. Bhaboos Baburaj, Caroline Hiltrud, Navya Narayan,  Vedarajan Dasarthy, and Tharani are seen in important roles. Abinavya, Suveta, Aishwarya Ashok, Pandian, “Ayyappan,” Pooja Ramky, Swetha Subramanian, Anil Neredimilli, Sailalitha, Visalakshi Manikandan, and Madhan are in the supporting cast.

Thangamayil is the youngest daughter of a police constable, Gurumoorthy and Gomathi. She has two elder sisters, Malar and Kayal. Gurumoorthy was disappointed as his last child was also a girl, as he wanted a boy. So, he leaves his family. Thangamayil, the youngest one, wishes to become an IPS officer.

Meanwhile, Jeeva, a wealthy boy, falls in love with Thangamayil. He is a happy-go-lucky guy. He has two siblings, Karthik and Isai. His parents are Rajashekar and Bhavani. What happens when Rajashekar and his family know about Jeeva’s relationship with a girl from an average background? Will they accept her as their daughter-in-law? Was Thangamayil able to express her ambition to become an IPS officer? Will Jeeva help her in fulfilling her goal? All these questions are answered in the rest of the series. Deepika Rangaraju plays Thangamayil, Shiv Sathish plays Jeeva, and Bhaboos Baburaj plays police constable Gurumoorthy.