Tamil Tv Serial Aarthi

Aarthi Tamil Tv serials on Raj tv

Produced by AVM group, ‘Aarthi’ as a serial brought in actress 'Sithara' and Vijay Adhiraj in the lead role. Music was composed by 'Dhina' and the title song was penned by lyricist 'Vairamuthu' and sung by Sadhana Sargam. The story, screenplay and dialogues were done by Devi Bala and directed by K.Rangaraj, this teleserial in Raj TV had a different story line.

Aarthi (Sithara ) in the female lead gets married to Santhosh (Vijay Adhiraj) and as in any melodrama, she was tortured by Santhosh’s paternal Aunt, Parvathi (yesteryear actress Y.Vijaya). However, Aarthi endures all the pain because of her love for her husband Santhosh. One fine day Aarthi was shocked to hear that Santhosh does not have the capacity to father a child, and has hidden the fact from her.

Meanwhile, Santhosh leaves for Mumbai and meets with an accident. Circumstances put Santhosh in a situation, and he had to effect changes to his face through Plastic Surgery.

Post operation, Santhosh enters his home with a different appearance (Raja Ravindra) but Aarthi refuses to accept him as her husband. Nevertheless, Santhosh’s family members accept him as their son despite having a different appearance.

Santhosh patiently tries to prove his identity to Aarthi and when everything falls in its place, Aarthi accepts him as her husband Santhosh. Aarthi gets pregnant, which gives her the shock of her life, as she heard the news about Santhosh’s inability to become a father. Aarthi gets confused and tries to kill herself, thinking she had trusted a wrong person to be her husband. And it is Parvathy, (who once played a negative role)who clarifies to Aarthi that it was Santhosh, who had got cured in Mumbai and she also apologizes for her crude behaviour earlier.

Aarthi finally accepts the new-faced Santhosh as her husband and the serial ends.

Sithara (as Aarthi) :Born in Trivandrum, Sithara acted in all four South Indian languages ( Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil). She was introduced in Tamil by Director K.Balachander and has also won many awards.

Vijay Adhiraj (as Santhosh): Started his career as an actor in tele-serials, Vijay Adhiraj gained popularity through anchoring as well. He has also acted in a few feature films before venturing into Direction. He directed a Tamil film “Puthagam”, and also participated in a reality dance show.

Raja Ravindra (as Santhosh-Post surgery):A Telugu actor who has performed many supporting roles (positive and negative) in both Tamil and Telugu, started his production with a Telugu film,”Mirapakaya” featuring Ravi Teja.His performance as a younger brother to Sarathkumar in the Tamil film “Naattamai” was well-recognized.


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