Malayalam Tv Show Vikadakavi

Vikadakavi Malayalam Tv shows on Asianet news

Vikadakavi is a popular and hit TV show in Malayalam language. This show is broadcast on one of the popular and prominent news channel of Kerala and in Malayalam language, Asianet News. It is a sort of political sitcom show and is aired on Asianet News every Thursday at 4: 30 pm in the afternoon and is anchored by Asianet News famous and popular anchor. Vikadakavi usually takes on hilarious takes over the inefficiencies and weird and other hilarious comments and actions of the leading politicians of Kerala who acts this way in various public appearances. The runtime of Vikadakavi for each episode is approximately 30 minutes. The show Vikadakavi is immensely popular among the audiences, the Malayali’s both in India and in abroad due to its hilarious takes and explanations of events attended by the politicians, information and content of the show and the main reason being the tremendously efficient and engaging anchoring by the host which compels the audiences to remain stuck to their respective Television during the airing of the show. This show may be categorized as a political news show, as it usually brings out the inefficiencies of the alleged politician in hilarious manner accompanied by a brief from the anchor followed by a detailed video footage description and lastly through the general public and viewers opinion regarding the same. It also portrays the blunders done by those alleged politicians.