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Surabhi Womens Zone is a dial-in show which airs on the channel Kairali TV. It is a Malayalam language show which gets broadcasted on weekdays from Monday to Friday in the 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM slot. The show focuses on women and their problems. Viewers call and get their queries answered by the hosts. The duo of 'Sajna' and Smitha Nambiar are the anchors of this show. They are both renowned names in the Malayalam television industry and have got appreciated by the fans a lot. They get calls from the viewers during the show getting aired. The callers are all women who try to get their problems addressed. The issues range from family related problems to professional difficulties.

The hosts guide them and direct them to the best course of action. The show forms an excellent platform for women to seek advice and help which they wouldn’t normally have access to. The anchors of the show become confidantes of sorts as they help these women in their day to day issues. Smitha Nambiar is among one of the best-known ladies in the Malayalam television industry. She has also anchored the show Let’s Talk, of which she is also the producer. Apart from this, she is also among the main producers of the WE channel. As a result, she features as the lead for the shows which the channel produces in Thiruvananthapuram. Her association with Kairali TV is over seven years long. She has served as the host of a quiz show which is based on news items and had been broadcast on the People TV channel.

This show had gotten aired for more than three years.  Smitha’s association with quiz shows extends to Wonderland as well, which is aired on the Kairali TV channel. The program was a general quiz show. She is also associated with the production of Dasavatharam. It had been broadcast on the WE channel. She even featured as the host of Shrill Out, which was a music show.  Smitha has also involved herself with Asianet News’ program department. Also, she has also served as one of the research assistants of the Jeevan TV channel. Her association with People TV when it was getting launched enabled her to be a part of the production team of three shows. These endeavors brought her to the forefront of the Malayalam television industry and enabled her rapid growth.