Malayalam Tv Show Super Star Junior 2



Super Star Junior is a Malayalam reality TV show where kids from all over Kerala participate to win the competition. It is a singing competition, where kids aged between eight and fourteen are allowed to participate. The first season of the show was aired in 2015. The second season was aired in 2016. The final of the second season took place on 7 November 2016.

The show is aired during the weekends at 9:00 PM, on Amrita TV. Abhirami J, Ann Benson, Henniza Fathima V. H, Rithika A. K, Sivani R, Sreenandh Vinod, Amal Roy, Bhavana Vijayan, Krishna V, Saubhag Chand, R Sonica, Sreesankar P, Anjana Krishna, Christy Paul, Ridhukrishna, Sharlet Kumar, Sreelakshmi Anil and Surya Kiran, are the participants of the second season of Super Star Junior.

Sujatha Mohan is one of the judges in the competition. She is the only female in the panel. She has sung over ten thousand songs during her career, mostly Tamil and Malayalam. She has also been the recipient of various Tamil Nadu and Kerala State Film Awards. She is widely considered to be the fourth best singer that the state of Kerala has ever produced. She has performed in more than five thousand shows during her career.

Vijay Yesudas is the second judge in the panel. He is the second son of KJ Yesudas. He is a promising young singer who has already won numerous awards. Due to his good looks, he is soon going to join the acting field. Stephen Devassy completes the three-judge panel. He is a pianist and a keyboard player. He graduated from the Trinity College of Music, which is located in London.

The show started with a round of auditions. The judges had to decide who would go to the next round. Thousands of children were present at the auditions. Whoever the judges thought were good enough, were allowed to progress. The second and the final round involved only a little over a hundred kids. From this pool, the judges selected eighteen children who will be termed as the finalists, and will perform in the next round in front of a live audience. Kids who would progress next week were decided by combining the scores given to them by the judges and the number of votes they received from the public.