Malayalam Tv Show Page 3

Page 3 Malayalam TV SHOWS on Kappa TV

Page 3 is a one of a kind Behind the Scenes Photoshoot show in Malayalam, which is brought by Kappa TV. The show airs at 11:30 am (IST) and it consists of episodes with a maximum duration of five minutes. The show is based on the stories behind some of the most exotic photoshoots and latest fashion trends.

Every episode presents a particular photo shoot, its theme, and the entire execution is shown. Towards the end of episodes, the final photos of the shoots are revealed, which are absolutely breathtaking to watch after seeing all the efforts that went into the shoots. Many renowned fashion photographers describe the concept of their shoots and define the entire process involved in doing each shoot. Some of the renowned photographers featured in this show are Toonus Sunny, Avinash Choochi, Aghosh Vyshnavam, and Arshal, among many others. They conduct shoots of popular actresses and models.

In one particular episode of the show, famous actress Prayaga Martin is clicked by Thoonus Sunny. The shoot is done both indoors and outdoors. The indoor shoot is simple with the actress wearing a plain saree but the way it was done made the pictures look so elegant. The outdoor shoot took place on a beach in Kerala. The sinking sun and calming waves of the ocean in background resulted in some stunning clicks, which made this episode a hit. Other famous personalities that appeared on the show include Shritha Shivadas, Priyamani, and many more.

In each episode, the photographers, their team, and the models/actresses are questioned regarding the shoot by the host. The photographer is asked about the inspiration behind a particular photoshoot and the techniques used in conducting the shoot. The model/actress is questioned about their experience with the photographer and the team. The team members explain their respective parts in bringing together the entire shoot.

The show also highlights the latest fashion trends by expert stylists and costume designers. They talk about the clothes selected for the shoot and how they complement the theme of the shoot. Similarly, the makeup artists explain the procedure behind the type of makeup that was done. The photographers even share some tips and tricks for the viewers as to how they can click professional looking pictures. Every episode starts with planning and preparations and ends with a remarkable outcome. This show describes the entire working that goes behind clicking some of the finest pictures.