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Cricket has always been a religion in a country like India. Everyone enjoys to play cricket in India be it a general person or the celebrities on the television screen. Based on Cricket,Indian television witnessed a unique star event known as Celebrity Cricket League further abbreviated as CCL Star night. Inspired by the format of IPL (Indian premiere league) the Celebrity Cricket League was launched in 2011.

Initially the league featured four teams from the television industry i.e. Chennai Rhinos, Telugu Warriors, Mumbai Heroes, Karnataka Bulldozers. The inaugural season of the Celebrity Cricket League drew the attention of a large number of audience and Chennai Rhinos were declared winners for the inaugural season on their grand defeat over Karnataka Bulldozers. The second season of Celebrity Cricket League was aired on 13 Jan 2012 and continued on screen for 1 month. The second season witnessed an addition of two extra teams to the existing teams. The two teams were named as Kerala Strikers and Bengal Tigers. The Chennai Rhinos marked their victory for the second time by defeating the Karnataka Bulldozers team again. The third season of Celebrity Cricket League was brought to screen on 19 January 2013.

The third season even had an addition of two extra teams i.e. Veer Marathis and Bhojpuri Dabbangs. In this season Bipasha Basu was given the title of the brand ambassador for Celebrity Cricket League along with Kajal Agarwal. The Karnataka Bulldozers team secured an excellent win over Telugu Warriors and became the CCL season 3 champions. The fourth season was a revolution for the CCL as the Colors TV network became its broadcasting partner. The fourth season’s winners were Karnataka Bulldozers who made a record by entering into the finals for the 4th time in a row. They achieved defeat over the Kerala Strikers and won the trophy of CCL season 4. The fifth season had gained a lot of audience due to its Hindi broadcasting partner Colors TV network.

The fifth season marked the most successful year in the history of CCL. Telugu Warriors team were declared as the champions on their striking win over Chennai Rhinos, it was for the first time that the Chennai Rhinos won the trophy.

The sixth season of the Celebrity Cricket League underwent some changes and replacements. The Team Veer Marathi was replaced by a team of the Punjab Film Industry i.e. Punjab De Sher. Daler Mehndi was appointed as the brand ambassador for the team and Sonu Sood as the captain. This season marked the victory of The Telugu Warriors for the second time over Chennai Rhinos. The Celebrity Cricket League was a show with a unique concept that created an amalgamation of various film industries and created a bond of harmony between the various film industries of India. The show was the second most popular cricket show on the television screen and engrossed a large number of audience.