Malayalam Tv Serial Snehakoodu

Snehakoodu Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv

Snehakoodu is the Malayalam daily soap telecasted on Surya TV. It features a woman and her married life. It stars Varda Jishin as Dr.Swapna as the female lead. Sabitha Anand has also done a character in this serial. The few notable personae in this serial are Janaki, Radha, Soman, Akila, Radha’s mother, Akila's two daughters. Radha is working in a college as a lecturer, where Soman also works. They both have an illegal affair. Soman is a womanizer. He cheats on his wife, Akila, with Radha. Akila and Soman had two daughters, Chinnu and Meenu.

Soman is so cruel that he tries to trap his daughters. But the eldest daughter knows the evilness of her father and also tells her sister about him. They both got escaped from him. Akila’s mother, Janaki, comes from her village to meet Akila. Chinnu explains Janaki everything. Soman abandoned Akila from his house. Dr. Swapna lends her helping hands to Akila and asks her to stay in her home. When Janaki and Chinnu rush to Swapna's house, they are shocked as Akila is not there. They didn’t have an idea of what had happened to her. They also saw some traces of blood and a knife. So, they decided to make a complaint to the police. They suspected Soman for Akila’s missing.

The serial Snehakoodu aired every week from Monday to Friday at 9.00 pm on Surya TV. What happens to Akila? Will Soman reunites with her? Will Chinnu and Meenu get their father back? Who is Swapna, and what had happened to her? The answers form the rest of the story.