Malayalam Tv Serial Jeevadhara

Jeevadhara Malayalam Tv serials on Amrita tv

Jeevadhara is a lifestyle Television show related to health and fitness in Malayalam language. The show mainly deals with various lifestyle related diseases among all ages and discusses its diagnosis and focusses on its natural remedies. The show also demonstrates and stresses on the importance of many homemade recipes that acts as a healing factor for many lifestyle related diseases and other diseases also. Jeevadhara features Dr. Mary who in each and every episode addresses viewers problems from their letters and discusses the remedies stressing on the naturopathy and Ayurvedic remedies. Also in each episode it is shown in details how a person with a lifestyle or age related disease is treated step by step by Dr. Mary’s treatment and also the patients’ feedback on the same. The show is quite popular among the audiences especially among the womenfolk and aged people.

Jeevadhara mainly focuses on the benefits of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatment that exists and is one of the main essence of Kerala. In each episode, the interviewer interviews many Ayurvedic experts- doctors and scientists who teaches and practices Ayurveda. The importance of plants in Ayurveda and in its healing process is the primary focus and subject of this program. Another program with the same name and almost same format is also being telecast on Shalom TV.  Currently, Jeevadhara is being aired on Amrita TV every Sunday from 7:30 am onwards in the morning. Jeevadhara is an entertaining way to keep the audiences in touch with the vast knowledge and legacy of Ayurveda that exists in Kerala. This TV show gives the viewers an opportunity to access those important information that in general is not available in public.