Malayalam Tv Serial Cinema Karyangal

Cinema Karyangal Malayalam Tv serials on Amrita tv
CINEMA KARYANGAL is a show that offers insight into various fields of movie making that does not make it onto the silver screen nor get the limelight it deserves. Though the description of the show sounds common for a movie related TV show it really digs deep into the various fields such as life of junior artists including people who had left their homes in dreams of making it big, stuntmen and their struggle with life and injuries, about the special effects used in scenes to make the bleeding look real, making a gun fire look authentic, making of cars that fly up in the air and all the efforts that goes into making a scene look as good and real as it does on the screen. The show also covers the intricate artwork that goes behind making a set which can range from modern and futuristic or be it a historical setting making the movie look like it actually takes place in that time period. The show also treads on the technical aspect of film making which makes the movie watching experience surreal.

The show is hosted by Lal Jose a cinema veteran who knows all the ins and outs of the movie making .The way in which the show is presented is unique and authentic in its own way. Each week Lal Jose takes on the task of explaining and bringing to light some of the most important aspects of movie making like crane operation, jimmy jip service, foodservice, lighting etc. The show keeps expanding its horizon every week as it tries to explore a new field in every episode .The show is aired on Amrita TV every Saturday on the 9 pm slot, with the show growing every week with its user base.

PS: The show is aired on AMRITA TV every Saturday at 9 pm.