Malayalam Tv Serial Chumma

Chumma Malayalam Tv serials on Amrita tv
JUST FUN CHUMMA is a TV series that revolves around 5 young friends.3 guys and 2 girls. This TV feature offers modern, fresh, path breaking approach in the world of Malayalam serials. It is loosely based on the hit TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S .The story revolves around 5 young people 1.Roy an NRI with a good heart who owns a coffee shop.2.Anand who has come to the city in the aim of becoming a movie star hoping to keep up the promise he made to his parents of becoming a hero.3.Tony the irresponsible and flirtatious one trying to be a Casanova .4.Parvathy a materialistic gym instructor who cares about her health more than anything offering free advice every chance she gets.5.Sarah a hotel management graduate who is always very high on energy and a neat freak always finding an excuse to clean.

Each episode has its own mini plot line starting gradually with their day to day lives set mostly in their apartment or their favorite coffee shop developing into a conflict and ending when the conflict is resolved in the characters own hilarious ways. Although each episode has a different plot line the heart and soul of all five characters are maintained the same without spoiling the feel good factor. The way each episodes plot line develops is approached in a way that is fresh, humorous and true to each characterization. This show is currently being aired on AMRITA TV from Monday to Thursday on the 8 pm slot. The series director Sabu has made a successful comeback to the TV scene after 5 years and has garnered positive reviews for offering a pleasant humor based serial in the midst of densely occupied monotonous family tragic serials. This show is reaching new heights every day and every laugh gathered is a success for this team.

Ps: This show is currently running on amrita TV.