Malayalam Tv Serial Akalangalile India

Akalangalile India Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet news

Akalangalile India as the name suggests is a program that sheds light on various social issues that are neglected and not given enough attention to. This program uncovers an inconvenient truth every episode. This TV show takes on issues that are usually forgotten or not shed enough light on to bring it to the attention of the public and the government. The host of the show that is Prasanth Raghuvamsam with the help of his reporters gives in depth and detailed analysis of the issues that are handled on the episode.

The show which is aired on Asianet news channel has garnered lot of positive reviews and fan base due to its diverse topics that the show indulges itself into. The show has a very responsible take on the issues without creating any unwanted buzz. The show sheds light on issues like the difficulties endured by the people involved the circus industry which dieying day by day and the trouble each circus company has to go through to stay afloat. Life of inmates in Tihar jail, routine of apple farmers in Kashmir, health hazards faced by people living in slums, Hindu refugees in Pakistan are some of the issues that show has telecasted. The show has received lot of critical acclaim for its handling and approach to the issues. The show is being aired on asianet news TV as a part of its news telecast.