Kannada Tv Serial Singari bangari

Singari bangari Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Singari Bangari is a Kannada sitcom which is airing on Suvarna Plus. It started airing in December 2013 and is still ongoing. The sitcom uses the age old formula of tiffs between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law to create comedy. The serial is a family serial, enjoyed by people of all ages, especially women. The women feel that the serial is very relatable as it uses live instances which are very common in households everywhere to make them laugh. It acts as a stress buster for the family to come together watch this and laugh. It is very similar to the very old Hindi serial named “Tu Tu mai mai” which had a very similar plotline.

The fights between the two women locked up in the same house all day, sharing the same tasks is very similar to a cat and mouse game. The character of the mother-in-law is Singari while the character of the daughter-in-law is Bangari, hence the name of the sitcom.

Singari, as the mother-in-law is shown to be a mother-in-law with a very strong character. She is the mother of the household and is shown to be very protective of her family members. Since she is a strong personality who is used to having her way in the household for a long time, she expects things to work out in her favor. But, Bangari is also very clever. She is a very smart Daughter-in-Law who knows what she wants, and what she wants is to reign over the household herself. She wants to be in charge instead of her mother-in-law and be involved in the decisions of the household. They have to do all the tasks of the house together but, each of them has a different way of doing them. The two characters are very attached to their family and have very similar personalities which keep clashing against each other.