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Oggarne Dabbi Kannada Tv serials on Zee kannada

Oggarane Dabbi is a cookery show on Zee Kannada TV being telecast at 2 pm from Monday to Saturday. This is a show purely for women and men who love to cook and to eat. In this show, we can see the preparation of different types of food items. We have seen many cookery shows on TV but this serial gives the audience something special as it proves. In this serial, we can see professional cooks cooking their special items and we can see some good health food and diet food being prepared and also we can see common people coming on the show to present us with their culinary skills.

Murlidhar is the host of this show. His anchoring technique is very homely and interesting. He invites the guests one by one into his kitchen and makes them comfortable by chatting with them at first. Then he asks them to prepare and give the special item which they have planned to prepare. Sometimes he even fulfils the demand of viewers by making the professional prepare something which the viewers want to see. Recently in an episode, he presented the method and recipe of ‘Sambhar powder’. This recipe has been a very difficult one for women from a very long time. It is very simple but if the measurements go wrong then the Sambhar taste is not the same.

Murlidhar has divided the whole one hour show into four segments. In the first and second segment, he calls upon two professionals and makes them teach the viewers of preparing special dishes in an easy way. These dishes are usually the costly ones which we eat in star hotels. The preparation method of the whole dish is shown very clearly and it is repeated at the end of every dish. Professionals, such as Suchithra, Krishna, etc., come to show their culinary skills.

In the third segment, Murlidhar calls upon a common housewife and asks her to show what she usually prepares at home for her family. It is noticed that our neighbour always prepares something better than us. So in this segment, anybody can come and teach everybody common items which we sometimes are not aware of.

The fourth segment gives the viewers a look into healthy food. Diet food which we think may be costly to prepare is shown how to prepare in an easy and cheap way. They also tell the viewers how to remain healthy and to keep our family healthy by preparing some simple juices or salads or snacks at home from available items. Overall this cookery show is improving the women among the viewers’ culinary skills.

Another Version Of This Bio:

Someone aptly said, ‘The route to a person’s heart goes through his / her stomach.’ We Indians have taken it seriously. Keeping in touch with the ideology, culinary shows, whether informative or competitive have been a rage. So much, celebrity chefs became a common name throughout the Indian landform. Whether it be the popular show Khana Khazaana hosted by the ever genial Sanjeev Kapoor, or the Indian version of the famous MasterChef series, MasterChef India, introduced by star actor and gourmet chef, Akshay Kumar, culinary based shows have always enthralled the Indian masses with their sumptuous delights.

In line with the culinary magic, the Kannada version of Zee TV, Zee Kannada, had launched a culinary show, ‘Oggarane Dabbi’, a show where one learns how to make mouth watering dishes from the ingredients available in a domestic kitchen. As of now, this show airs on Zee Kannada, from Monday to Friday. Hosted by Murali, in collaboration with famed TV culinary expert Suchitra Muralidhar, this culinary show is a radical change from the previous cookery shows. Oggarane Dabbi gives a rather virtual tour of the Kannada cuisine, displaying its heritage and the folklore associated with the same.

‘Oggarane Dabbi’ showcases cuisines from across Karnataka, whether it is the famous cuisine from the coastal Coorg or the cuisine tracing its roots to the paddy fields of Mandya, thereby preserving the ancient Kannada culinary heritage with elan. Unlike the emotion laced, high octane culinary reality shows, this show is based more on the concept of infotainment. Simple, but straight, with no strings attached. The popularity of this show can be proved by the fact, that over 1340 episodes have been screened on air, ever since this show made its debut in 2012-13.

The cookery competitions of this show, where chefs from all walks of life participate, only add to the aura of this magnum opus, produced by Zee Kannada. The show, as per the format, comprises five segments. In the first, the chef will show how to prepare a different kind of cuisines. In the second segment, a renowned Guruji will arrive at the show’s kitchen, and will prepare sumptuous cuisines without using any kind of oil. The third and fourth segment, in an innovative move, shall be dedicated to the audience, who shall bring forth the glorious heritage of Kannada cuisine that they have proudly inherited from their ancestors. In the fifth segment, the chef will show how to prepare the exotic dishes, which homemakers usually crave for, in a much simpler and easier way than ever thought before.

Also, for those, who are unable to follow the show due to any circumstances, Oggarane Dabbi’s makers have released a series of three books, comprising all the recipes displayed on this popular show.