Kannada Tv Serial Naa Ninna Bidalaare

Naninna Bidalare Kannada TV SERIALS on Colors Super

Ever imagined what it would feel like for someone to love you until death did you apart and even after. Love that is kept alive until eternity, always together and never apart? Seems like a pretty good deal right? You’d even go as far as to brand it with the name of true love. Sadly the case here is not the same.

Akshay and Nandini are attracted towards each other and are getting married. They are ready to start a happy life together and welcome this new step together, but out of bad luck, some unfortunate incident keeps getting in the way of their love, going as far as having life-threatening situations;Just like how Nandini gets trapped inside a fire on her wedding day. But if the incidents keep repeating on a constant loop it doesn’t just seem like bad luck, does it?

Kanchana was a beautiful girl who died young due to an accident, but she could never get over her love for Akshay. So now as a ghost, she haunts the couple, creating mishappening within her power to ruin their relationship. Accompanying a lot of drama, Kanchana is always looking out for ways to wipe Nandini out and take over her position as Akshay’s lover. Obsessed with the idea she is always up to no good and needs stopping somehow.

Our entertainment industry has always been fond of fiction, be it about the supernatural world or the world only created by our imaginations. Many a times we’ve been stunned by how innovative such ideas keep on getting, this serial is one of them. A lot of people believe in true love. A lot of people believe in the unreal. Have you ever thought about the two co-existing? Even just the thought of having your love life being ruined by a ghost stalker gives you the chills, doesn’t it?

Currently airing every Monday to Saturday at 9 pm on Colors Super (the new offspring of Colors channel which is more emphasising on Kannada TV shows), Naa Ninna Bidalare is a haunting love story. It portrays a tragic romance between two people who due to an uninvited presence are unable to be happy together, that presence being of ghost.

The question that is left unanswered is will in this battle between good and evil, the power of love prevail? Will Akshay and Nandini be able to live a happy married life? Or will Kanchana be able to overpower her love and win over Akshay?