Kannada Tv Serial Love Lavike

Love Lavike Kannada tv-serials on ZEE KANNADA

Love Lavike is a Kannada television series. The show first came on the screen during mid-June in 2015. The series ran for over five hundred episodes. While it ran, it successfully achieved to create a huge viewership and earn a lot of praise. This television program became one of the most popular television soap opera in the channel. It is telecasted in the popular Kannada channel of Zee. The story of this television series goes something like this. Has your father ever decided what you’ll wear when you were only six years old? Is it quite ordinary for a father to make that decision for a young kid right? He may have also decided on what kind of haircut you should have. At what time you should wake up. How you are supposed to brush your teeth. Exactly how much you amount of sugar must be added to your glass of milk.

All these itty-bitty decisions were made by either of our parents when we were young right? And so will we do when we have our kids. But imagine, a guy who is about 26 years old gets all these things decided by his father like we used to do in childhood. Will it be awkward? Just imagine what sort of humiliation and embarrassment the boy must go through. In this story, the father’s name is Janakiram, who is a very strict officer, and his son’s name is Lakshman. Janakiram has set rules and regulations for Lakshman that he follows since his childhood.

Life for Lakshman is very frustrating because of the rules his father has chained. For Lakshman, it isn’t a life but a dictatorship that too of his father. All he desires that one day he will escape from this troubled life and gain his freedom. Although he wants something to happen, he is so scared of his father that he doesn’t even dare to raise the pitch of his voice as he talks with him. The female lead in this story is Anupama. She and her father’s relationship is exactly opposite to that of Lakshman and his father.

Lakshman lives in a joint family, and gets suffocated day by day from being surrounded by people all the time. Meanwhile, Anupama lives alone with her father, who she adores, but wants other people in her life as well. Eventually, they both tie the knot together in the chains of holy matrimony. Now, how the lives, opinions, and ambitions, of these two poor souls, collide with each other forms the hot pot of this television series.