Kannada Tv Serial Lakshmi Baramma

Lakshmi Baramma Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada

Laxmi Baramma is a serial being telecast on ETV Kannada at 7:30 PM from Monday to Saturday a repeat telecast is shown on the same channel in the day time. This serial is a family drama showing about the friendship. This type of friendship is very rare to see in real life.

Laxmi Baramma is a story of a girl named Chinnu or Laxmi. Laxmi an ambitious young girl belonging to a poor family is adamant on improving her life. She is a hard worker so she is ready to work anywhere. How she goes forward in her life and how she fulfils her dream, how she gets married is the theme of the serial.

Mosy incidents in the story are featured around Laxmi. Due to some circumstances, Laxmi becomes a housemaid in Shruti’s house. Shruti and Laxmi are very close to each other. They behave like sisters. Laxmi always takes care about Shruti. Both share their feelings with each other and always remain together. But Shruti’s mother doesn’t like Laxmi and her relationship with Shruti. She always creates problems for Laxmi. The innocent Laxmi just takes everything easily.

One day all family members decide that Shruti and Chandan should get married. But people don’t know about a secret that Chandan is already married to Laxmi in some unprecedented conditions. Only Chandan’s servant, Ramappa knows about this marriage. They find it very difficult to keep this secret. Ramappa helps them in every way he can. Both the family members are not aware of this marriage and they start preparations for Shruthi’s marriage. As Chandan is Shruthi’s maternal uncle, all are excited about this marriage. Somehow, Shruthi’s father Kailash comes to know about the secret of Laxmi and Chandan. He understands that these two love each other and decides to support them. He then tries to convince his family members about stopping the marriage without letting them into the secret.

As the story goes forward interestingly, one of Kailash’s enemy starts planning on killing Kailash. Kailash comes to know about some secrets of Laxmi which she is unaware of. He gets ready to go to meet the people who are going to tell him the secret. But when he goes there, Laxmi also goes along with him. She tries to talk about Shruthi’s marriage to him. She feels that she is standing in the way of this family’s happiness and so she should go away so that no problems come over them because of her. But Kailash does not listen to her and goes into a building from where he falls down. When the police enquire's about this accident nobody knows about it. Laxmi informs then whatever she knows. Here the man who wanted to kill Kailash has planted his daughter in their house so that she can help him. But all the family members are so engrossed in their grief that they don’t notice her motives.

The story takes a suspenseful turn from here.