Roopesh Kumar was a well-known character actor famous in the Bollywood film industry from 1965-1995. He was mainly known for his negative roles as a villain, and has performed in more than 100 Bollywood movies.Mumtaz, the leading star female actress of 1970s is the cousin of the great actor. He has also played a role of a comic artist in numerous moveis, but he will always be remembered for his amazingly played roles as a villain. His original name is Abbas Farashahi. He was born on 16th January 1946 in Mumbai.

He was the eldest son of Ali Asgar Farashahi and Mariam who was popularly known as the Asgar Seth of Pune City. Roopesh completed his schooling from Dastur School in Pune. He was also known as Dadash, which meant brother in the Persian language. Though his family was in the bakery and restaurant business in Pune but he was ambitious become an actor from childhood, The most famous role as a villain was in his blockbuster film ‘Seetha Aur Geetha.’

His first movie was ‘ Tarzan and King Kong’ in 1965. After this film, he went on playing numerous supporting rolesin various films, generally as a villain in the 1970s and 1980s. Healso directed and produced two super hit movies 'Meri Aan' in 1993 and 'Hai Meri Jaan' in 1991. The last movie he did was Paapi Devta in 1995. He spent entirely three decades in the film scene. He also played the role of a rapist in some movies like Joshiley, with lead actress, Hema Malini.

Roopesh has shown his tremendous acting skills in many known movies like 'Andaaz', 'Seetha Aur Geetha', ' Loafer', 'Red Rose', 'Rampur Ka Laxman', 'Pyar Jhukta Nahin', 'Sharaafat', 'Chacha Bhateeja', 'Sapno ka Saudagar' and 'The Great Gambler'. 'His last movie, 'Meri Aan', starred Sanjay Dutt as the lead actor. Roopesh and Mumtaz worked together in many movies of which some famous ones are ' Naagin', 'Tarzan' and 'King Kong', 'Dharkan', 'Tarazu' and many more. In spite of being a small time actor, he has shared the screen space with the most of the leading film stars of the industry.

Though he could not achieve great success in directing and producing films but surely, he was an amazingly talented actor of his time. Roopesh was attending the screen awards 1995 when he got a heart attack. Though he was admitted to the hospital, he could not survive the attack.

Mahesh Kothare Hindi Actor

Mahesh Kothare

Mahesh Kothare is a yesteryear Marathi and Hindi actor and is one of the revolutionary and visionary person in the Marathi Film Industry. He was born on September 28 1953 in Mumbai. He began his acting career at a young age by doing two Hindi films, but neither of them were a box-office success. He then decided to focus on Marathi films and did note-worthy roles. He has dabbled in genres like action, comedy and horror. Some of the movies that he worked on are Raja Aur Runk, Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani, Zapatlela 2, Safar, Dubhang, Chota Jawan, Ideachi Kalpana, Gupchup Gupchup, Ved Laavi Jeeva, Dhoom Dhadaka, Full 3 Dhamal, De Danadan, Zabardast, Thartharat, Shubha Mangal Saavadhan, Dhadakebaaz, Khabardar, Jiwalagaa, Pachhadlela, Zapatlela, Khatarnak, Majha Chakula, Dhangad Dhinga, and Masoom. He has also directed some of the aforementioned movies. He tasted commercial success in the year 1985 with the motion picture Dhumdhadaka. Just like how Salman Khan is famous for his character Prem, or Shah Rukh Khan for Raj, similarly, Mahesh's portrayal of police inspector Mahesh Jadhav managed to make his place in the hearts of the Maharashtrian people. His 1993 horror movie Zapatlela, became exceptionally popular and was one of the few horror movies in the Marathi language that achieved commercial success. He has been working in the film industry for twenty years now. People call him the revolutionary of the Marathi Industry because he made use of graphics, CGI, 3D using split-beam technology, and other such effects which no one had ever attempted to do before in Marathi film industry. His collaboration and friendship with his contemporaries Ashok Saraf, Sachin Pilgaonkar, and Laxmikant Berde are also very popular. He is also the owner of Kothare Vision production house which produces mythological, thrillers or dramatic TV shows like Jai Malhar and much more. As a producer, he would invest large lumps of money in his projects which most people in regional cinema are wary of doing so. He has bagged several awards like Best Director Filmfare award for his movie Dhumdhadaka, Best Director Maharashtra State award and Screen Awards for Mazha Chhakula and Khabardar. The Maharashtra State Awards has also honored him with a special prize for his immense contribution to the Marathi industry. He is married to Nilima Kothare and has a son named Adinath Kothare, who is an actor and has done a thriller TV show and a movie. He is married to Urmila Kanitkar, a Marathi model, and actress.


Uttar Kumar

Uttar Kumar is a lead actor in Haryanvi films. He has acted around forty films till date in his career. Uttar Kumar is considered to be a superstar of Haryanvi films. He has a tremendous fan following in Delhi and UP. Kumar's film 'Dhakad Chorra’ (2004) was such a tremendous super hit movie and his role in the movie remained imbibed in his fans’ heart. This film had a budget of Rs 4 lakhs and it had fetched Rs 8 crores as box office returns. This superstar has seen many ups and down in his career. He has come to this stage after a struggle of 20 long years. Uttar Kumar's prominent films include ‘Bekhabar’, ‘Akkad, Babli’, ‘Dharmveer’, ‘Natkhat’, ‘Karuna’, ‘Laat Saheb’, ‘Haqdar’, ‘Jhalak’, ‘Jhatka’, ‘Senapati,’ ‘Nikkama’, ‘Hum, Mallu’, and ‘Do had Ho Gayee’ etc. Most of the films that he acts either have some social messages or are a family drama with entertainment. He always loves to play a romantic character in movies such as 'Dear Vs Bear' or 'Yeh Kaisa Pal Do Pal Ka Pyaar' etc. His films like 'Wo Chalti Hai' and 'Unko Mana Lungi' released in 2015 had paid an enormous dividend at the box office. The actor has also done comedy and action roles in his movies. He was born on 7th October in Ghaziabad. He is an actor-cum-singer. His father’s name is Kapta Singh, and mother’s name is Savitri Devi. Uttar Kumar's debut film 'Dhakad Chhora' made him an overnight superstar and he is considered to be the Amitabh Bachchan of Haryanvi films. Uttar Kumar says to achieve stardom was not an easy task. He had his passion for acting since childhood. However, Kumar did not know how to reach the capital of filmdom Mumbai. He had the dream to become an actor when he was studying the tenth standard. His mother gave him Rs 10,000 and left towards Bombay. However, Uttar Kumar returned to his hometown as he could not get the chance to become an actor in Bollywood. When he came back, he did the acting course. He did not get a chance in any film. Soon he produced his film 'Bawli', later his movie 'Dhakad Chhora' released and there was no looking back for him. He is a great fan of Bollywood actor Dharmendra, when he was in Mumbai, some movie agents took him to an unknown house telling that it was dreamgirl Hema Malini's home. His mother Savitri Devi who stood by his struggling days is also a fan of actor Dharmendra. She used to see all super hit films of Dharmendra on DVDs. It was then he became a fan of Dharmendra and wanted to become an actor. He has set up his own production company 'Rajlaxmi Movies'. The actor gets offers from other production houses too, but he and his friends Dinesh write scripts for their production house film. Uttar Kumar lives in a joint family. He regularly visits his production house and even leaves for shooting from his home. Uttar has opened an academy for film direction. The academy is called Tycoon Film Academy and is situated in Gurgaon ( Delhi).

Uttar Kumar Hindi Actor