Kannada Tv Serial Dove Raja Dove Rani

Dove Raja Dove Rani Kannada Tv serials on Udaya music

Dove Raja Dove Rani is a very famous and highly amusing musical show on Udaya TV. The show runs from 3:00 P.M for one hour. It is telecast from Monday to Saturday and is highly cherished and thereby is having a huge rating. Cute and adorable hosts run the show; it has added to the warmth and love of the show. The program runs on the format of a musical game in which the anchors receive phone calls from the audience. The main highlight of the show is that if the person on the call happens to win any game, he or she is given a chance to dedicate a song to his or her loved one. Needless to say, the people who call the program dedicating songs are always the ones engaged in a relationship and are waiting to sing to the whole world their love story and the tales of their romance.

Dove Raja and Dove Rani is a novel concept in the field of musical game show industry. The hosts never give it up. They always make it a point to add fun and cheer to the program. The nother aspect of the show is to check the compatibility of the couple that contests the show. The levels of the program are being run in such a way that neither the audience nor the participants in the form of couples get bored by the content or the make. Nevertheless, there occur certain points of the show in which it becomes mundane and boring, the hosts catch up to the moment and with their attractive gestures turns the table on for the audience. The program is thus a fun filled and cheerful one in which most of the participants voluntarily become the cupids for the hosts to turn them into laughing stock. Nevertheless, the show never loses its beat. At the end, the best couple is selected after the huge musical combat and the program thereby become fun and thrilling to watch, not to mention the amount of excitement that is being thrown open to the public. The show combines zeal and entertainment, compatibility and experiments to create a perfect blend in which the audience, as well as the couples, enjoy the most.