Kannada Tv Serial Chandra Chakori

Chandra Chakori Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv

Chandra Chakori is a Kannada serial which has a more viewer base and telecasted on prime time at 7.30 to 8.00 pm. This serial is being telecasted in Udaya TV from Monday to Friday. R. Raja is the chief of the creative and R. Dinesh is the creative head of this serial. This serial is the story of a Chandramathi, who is an intelligent and beautiful girl. Her contribution, sacrifice, representation towards the society is the main theme of the story. This story is imported from the Tamil serial Deivamagal.Besides the engaging story line, Chandra Chakori Kannada song is very famous among the audience.

In other words, it is a remake of the Tamil TV serial which was telecasted earlier in the Sun TV. Gangadar is a rich business man and leading his life happily with his three daughters named as Chandramathi, Rashmi and Pooja. Chandramati is the elder daughter of him. He wanted his daughters to be educated and intelligent. But he never wanted his daughters to go for any job.  Gangadar decided to make grand marriage arrangements for his elder daughter Chandramathi. The marriage proposal comes from a rich business family and marriage ceremony is arranged on one fine auspicious day. The twist of the story starts here. Suddenly Gangadar met with huge loss in a business and struggled to arrange money for the marriage.

Finally he pledged all his properties to arrange money. On the marriage eve, the mangalsutra fell in the fire at the time of subhamugurtham. Because of Bridegroom’s mother superstitious beliefs, she felt as bad saguna due to Gangadar’s fate. She stopped the marriage and walked away with the bridegroom. As Gangadar’s daughter marriage is stopped, he suddenly fell ill and died. So the story continues. This strong story base and direction of a serial, attracted more number of viewers. S. Govind is the director who is successful in narrating the story in systematic and viewer focused manner.People still rememeber all the Chandra Chakori episodes even today.