Kannada Tv Serial Aaradirali belaku

Aaradirali belaku Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv



Aaradirali Belaku is Kannada tv series. It aired on Udaya tv. The series is a reality show. It gives the audience sight on the issues that people are dealing.. The series shows real disputes among families, and how problems are highlighted, studied, discussed, and scrutinized to come to a wise decision and solve the differences.

The host becomes a mediator where he listens to the arguments by all the members and gives suggestions to solve their differences. This reality show brings up a variety of social issues that many people are facing and do not find a suitable way to solve. The show aims at resolving the disputes by giving people insightful information so that they can understand the rights and the wrongs. The show acquaints the audience with the civil rights, and how to play a decisive role in settling a problem, which makes the show a source of information.