Hindi Tv Show Whats Up

Whats Up Hindi tv-shows on UTV BINDASS

Mixing up two varieties has always been the USP of Bindass TV. Bindass channel always speaks the language of youth, and as music is very close to this part of the audience, they always try and link up the youth’s emotion and music together. What’s up is that very show where they honor the significant aspects and instants of youth’s life. Love, break-up, college’s first day, college days, college’s last day, first date, first kiss and more; these all are the most important of youth’s life. The show is all about giving meaning to these beautiful feelings through music and linking it in a way where every time such moment take place, somebody, somewhere will listen to the same music.

The show aims at identifying one such aspect of youth’s life and dedicating entire playlist to that moment and motivates to enjoy that emotion with the melody. What’s up is played on daily on Bindass Play channel at a consistent break. The songs played are based on the selected topic for the day. The list includes latest Bollywood numbers to the 90’s hit music. The finest and the most exciting concept of this show is that listeners can listen to the variety of songs for one feeling and dedicate it to their loved ones. The show not only offers the best playlist for a particular genre but also informs you about the top 20 to top 50 songs of the day or week. This helps the viewer to identify which song is on the top and which is the trending song of the week or day. As now Valentine week is going on all the songs related to love are being played.

The songs of love for husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, family, friends are being played throughout the week. The show also displays the top trending TV serials and their rating among the viewers. Viewers can catch the highlights of the top 20 trending shows and see which of their favorite show is on top and which is at the bottom. What’s up show gives us an idea about which of our favorite show, serial or song is trending and loved by the audience. The show wants to make music essential part of everybody’s life. Thus, the television onlookers can decide the playlist, dedicate a song from the playlist and enjoy the moment of love with their dear ones.