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What A Raashiii is a Hindi live reality show where Vishnu Datta Guruji tells you about the stars, and how you should be able to live a better life. What A Raashiii used to be aired on Star News. Many people in our country worship Lord Ganesha. Vishnu Datta explains why it is important to worship Lord Ganesha, and he also tells the various ways through which one can do so.

Each episode is divided into three segments. Dr. Maheshwari informs the viewers about various ways though which one can live a happy life. She talks about keeping a balanced diet to live a happy and healthy life. The show starts with a disclaimer about how it is a reality show, and whatever is said in the episode is not the responsibility of the channel.

We find Vishnu Datta sitting on the porch with his legs overlapped. A lady is sitting in almost the same position in front of the camera. She asks questions about various things related to astrology, and Dr. Datta answers them with utmost conviction. In the other segment of the show, Dr. Maheshwari is interviewed by the host on how to live your life better. The interview takes place in a well built set with nice decoration behind the two participants. The anchor asks the doctor various questions to which he or she responds.

Other than dealing with astrology and other things, various things such as menstruation are also explained. Most of the problems which are faced by humans are born in the mind of the person. They talk about how to stay clear of negative energy, and how to always be positive. When the year is about to end, they guess so to make predictions for the various zodiac signs about the new year will bring to them.

They talk about many other things like what are the attributes of a good wife, various remedies for kidney ailments, treatment of knee pains, and how to handle periods, among other things. They also inform the viewers about the traditional medicines which were used in the olden days, and now have been forgotten by the general public. They also explained the nature of the celestial bodies which are roaming in space, and how they can have an effect on a particular person.