Akash Nath is an Indian television personality who is best known for his role in the popular Indian soap opera ‘ Pavitra Rishta’ (2008). He played the role of “ Pranav Soham Deshmukh” in the series. He was well perceived by the viewers due to his portrayal of the son of “Soham Deshmukh” (played by Ankit Narang), who is an alcoholic. The series was immensely praised by the audience and for years it topped the popularity charts. The popularity of the show could not be confined to the Hindi television & the entertainment world as the serial was immensely liked by the viewers all around the world.

Akash Nath, being a newcomer was lucky enough to work with some very famous, established and senior actors & actresses, but he proved his caliber with his innate capability to act in an emotional family drama such as ‘Pavitra Rishta’. He was very well perceived by the audience for his portrayal of “Pranav” and he soon garnered a decent number of fan base on the various social platforms online. He has a dusky charm in his looks and has a very emotive way to act. He always focused on his dream to become an artist since his days as a child. He was well determined to become an actor. During his days of struggle he tried his luck in many production houses and he ultimately got a chance to work with Bala Ji Telefilms, one of the most reputed production houses, headed by Ekta Kapoor. Having started in the world of acting he is in the middle of his long awaited dream. He is single-mindedly trying hard to make a foray in the world of acting and that goal doesn’t look very far, keeping in mind his talented personality and a will to conquer the world of Hindi television & entertainment.

Aksshat Raj Saluja

Aksshat Raj Saluja hails from Kolkata and was noted fr dance performance in Zara Nachke Dikha 2, in which his great performance bright him much acclaim and he was famous overnight. His pet name is Raj and he is very well known by that name but he became famous as Aksshat in Zara Nachke Dikha and hence resulted in Aksshat Raj Saluja.Aksshat Raj Saluja was a find of the talent show 'Cine Stars Ki Khoj and came to limelight with this famous TV show. He is very passionate about dancing and wishes to go on dancing till the end of his life even if his health fails him. He was  a passionate dancer since his childhood and always wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Shaleen Bhanot was to perform in a dance performance in the Big Star Awards function. Unfortunately he met with an accident at the last moment and was unable to perform. Aksshat on hearing this incident volunteered to perform in pace of Shaleen and went through the rehearsal at a very short span with Sanjeeda Shaikh, Mukti Mohan and others and finally came out with a great performance in the show. His sportsman spirit as well as passion for dancing was praised much due to this incident.He has also acted in a Bengali movie 'Jor Jar Mulluk Tar' by Haranath Chakraborty and his performance in the movie received an all round applause. The male lead in the movie was Prasenjit Chatterjee, the king of Bangla film industry. He has also worked in a number of Ad films like Sprite, Bru Coffee, Futre Generali Insurance and Titan Eye apart from the others.

Aksshat Raj Saluja Hindi Actor