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Hindi Movie Actor Avtar Kishan Hangal
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Hindi film industry is the gateway to success for many artistes. In this regard, there are various character artistes, but only few make their presence strongly felt. Here, then, A.K. Hangal‘s name should be surely brought to notice. He was the typical meek and broken old man in most of the films who earned the sympathy of his fans. Most of his roles had a positive shade in it. 
Having acted in more than 125 films A.K. Hangal ‘s road to considerable success was not that easy. Born on 1st February 1914 in Sialkot in Pakistan, he spent his early life in Peshawar and he worked as a theater artiste for some time. He was also working as a tailor. Moreover, he took vigorous participation in India’s freedom struggle. 
A.K. is the good old man of Hindi cinema and there is an inexplicable charm in him. A K Hangal considers the roles he enacted in Sholay and Shaukeen as his favorites. A noteworthy point is that A.K. Hangal was an inseparable part of many Rajesh Khanna’s films. In fact, he had worked in 12 films with Kaka. 
Hangal’s roles in Hindi cinema mirrored his very own personal life sometimes. Many wanted to cast him as a good old man, but as though wanting to break that image A.K. Hangal acted in a negative role in “Shaukeen”. The big screen wanted him as a good old man, but nobody cared for him when he was not keeping well during his old age. His son Vijay made no stone unturned when he made it clear to the cine industry that his father was suffering from multiple health problems and they were facing financial crisis. Here, then Jaya Bachchan Born on 9th April 1948 Jaya Bachchan is an Indian >> Read More... with whom A.K. Hangal acted in many films came to the rescue. She made a kind gesture by volunteering to pay for Hangal’s treatment. After that, Hangal made his second innings in the serial Madhubala telecasted in Colors. Having worked in about 225 films Hangal opens up that he had seen only 50 of his films. 
It is no exaggeration to say that Hangal excelled in whatever role he took up in life, whether it is tailoring, freedom fighter or actor. This good old man of Hindi cinema finally breathed his last in 2012.


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