Hindi Tv Show Beg Borrow Steal

Beg Borrow Steal Hindi tv-shows on UTV BINDASS

Beg, Borrow, Steal is one of the most famous travel reality shows. Broadcasted on UTV Bindass, there have been ten seasons so far. The show deals with contestants going to various destinations with little or no money and surviving in the harsh conditions. To reach the journey's end, they have to face all the tasks given to them. Beg, Borrow, Steal platforms how a man can conquest over all odds. The show portrays how humans can surmount their environment.

This show fascinated the viewers with the Season 7 –Extreme Edition. While Season 6 saw Aaliyah Khan deal with the hardest of situations and tasks along the 700km route from Coimbatore to Kanyakumari, Season 7 of the show proved to be a test of all the limits for Aaliyah. This season had Khan traversing numerous cities and towns on a journey from Ahmedabad to Kala Dungar alongside the Rann of Kutch. Surviving in such conditions with most restrained terrains is not an easy job. It’s a tough task for any outsider to survive in parched weather conditions and harsh winds. Aaliyah had to cover 1000 km in less than seven days.

Along with this, she had to face grueling tasks at every stage of her journey. The team repudiated her access to survival items like money, mobile, water provided in past seasons. Also, if she lost a task, she was faced with penalties which would lead her to lose time and ultimately the challenge itself. The Season 8- Born Separate, Stuck Together had Aaliyah traveling across the regions of North East India, with the distance of 900 km, in just seven days. To add to her afflictions, Aaliyah was handcuffed with a travel rookie Sahil Khattar. The challenge for both, Aaliyah and Sahil was to figure out the doubly challenging tasks and make sure they do it effectually, or they both will endure the impact of the crews’ wrath.

There was a total of seven legs in the complete travel for Aaliyah and Sahil, starting from Guwahati in Assam to Moreh in Manipur. Starting with pressing rice to driving a tractor, both endured a spiteful round of tasks. The Season 10 took the show into the core of Madhya Pradesh. While the activities on the show have been progressively tougher in each new season, this time, they introduced a competition from a local expert – which means you had to win the task, not just complete it. Also, viewers were treated with astounding unseen places from the travel hot spot of Madhya Pradesh while they watch the new host, Angira Dhar finishes the 10-day challenge. Angira Dhar had to cross 1,000 kilometers traversing from Bhopal to Orchha. They added new twists to her journey in addition to the tasks and challenges. Angira had to pitch her will and intelligence against a mass of unknown opponents.