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Other names : Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1, Kasautii Zindagii Kay Season 1
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Now this is something very BIG. Here we are talking about ‘officially’ the third most popular ever aired on the Indian TV. As the name suggests it’s about the challenges & ups & downs that ‘ Zindagi Click to look into! >> Read More... ’ makes for us. It was so loved by the Indian audience that it was spread ran for 7 long years & completed more than 1000 episodes that itself has an achievement. It’s about two lovers, Prerna & Anurag who fought with their fate for many years but never got one but they found union in death. Their chemistry was so real audience even assumed that they both are real life couple. Mom's wanted their ‘Bahus’ to be like Prerna & ‘Betas’ like Anurag. But this popularity isn’t achieved over night & because of mere effort.

The story went through many ups & downs & many tragic incidents that led Indian spectators to cry. They were so emotionally attached with the show that they often wanted to live the same situations in real life. Even the so-called villains of this show were so beautifully cast that they became hot favorites. It’s the awesome plot of this show that led this show to rule the world for such a long time & even now you can see people craving for that heart-throbbing drama.

The characters were so involved in their roles & they often admitted that they can’t imagine their professional show when this show goes off air. The actors were so loved that they found respectable places in Indian TV & Indian cinema & got many challenging roles after that. Frankly speaking, if you are a TV soap lover you just cannot afford to miss this show….I can’t, then why should you. Hmmm?

The serial starts with the budding romance of Prerna and Anurag. Prerna belongs to a middle-class family, and Anurag comes from an influential and wealthy family. But their love story is not as simple as it seems to be. They face many hurdles in their path. The serial periodically introduces characters like Komolika and Rishabh Bajaj, who want to separate Prerna and Anurag. The serial expands over three generations. The serial presents the lives of Prerna and Anurag, their children Prem and Sneha, and later their grandchildren. Mohini, the mother of Anurag, forces him to marry Komolika. During this, Prerna gets pregnant with Anurag’s child. But Anurag marries Komolika. Anurag and Komolika face turbulence in their married life as Anurag is still attached to Prerna, and Komolika is jealous of their closeness. Soon, this leads to divorce and separation of Komolika and Anurag. Anurag finally marries Prerna and starts their marital life.

However, their marital life is not smooth due to the interference of outsiders and misunderstandings. Later, Prem, the son of Prerna and Anurag, dies in a tragic accident. This incident leads to more turbulence between Prerna and Anurag, and eventually, they separate their ways. Prerna takes their daughter, Sneha, with her. Anurag marries Aparna. The storyline is a roller coaster ride of emotions, misunderstandings, betrayals, and many twists and turns. Each character has its motive and uses Anurag and Prerna to fulfill them. The serial leaps many times and introduces new characters and problems that come along with them. Throughout the serial, Prerna and Anurag finds themselves caught in a web of challenges. The serial presents the conflicts, sacrifices, revelations, and aspirations through its compelling characters. Later, the serial focuses on the life of the granddaughter of Anurag and Prerna. Their granddaughter is named Prerna (P2) in honor of her grandmother. She becomes the protagonist of Kasauti Zindagi Kay Season 1.

The serial ends with an unexpected twist where Prerna sacrifices herself to save Anurag, but eventually, Anurag dies too. They both unite after death. The twists and turns of the serial fascinated the viewers. The serial won many awards for its intriguing storyline and powerful portrayal of characters. Kausati Zindagi Kay is a beautiful love story. It concludes that nothing can separate two people destined to be together. The serial premiered on 28 October 2001 and ended on 28 February 2008.

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Ankit Modgil
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