Hindi Tv Show Acche Din

Acche Din Hindi TV SHOWS on Zoom

As everyone already knows “ZOOM TV” to be the channel for perfect channel fresh music and gossip, ‘Acchey Din’ is yet another music programme, which airs in Hindi and brings up good, old, soulful music. The title is taken from India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s famous slogan ‘Acchey din aayengey’ meaning good days are coming.

As the title ensures, the music played will surely put you into a good mood. It ensures it plays songs that stay to your mind and that have already been catching your attention. It ensures that people stay tuned with latest songs. From R.D. Burman to Sonu Nigam it plays all nostalgic songs keeping in mind all its audience that loves old melodies. Songs are one such entity that pleases people of all age groups and the only entity to which everyone has their opinion.

Zoom’ has always been a channel looked up to for good music and Bollywood gossip. ‘Acchey Din’ stands up to the expectations and delivers good content. It has especially kept in mind the audience that still loves good, old hits. It targets the mid aged audience, but is effective to bind all the age groups together. It covers the time slot of 1:10 pm and 10 pm every day. As, today when every kid starts singing by humming a Honey Singh rap, every adult ends up criticizing new songs and praising their time songs, this show promises its viewers beautiful, nostalgic hits. It has already started making sure that the old music doesn’t fade off easily and people still value good, old music.

It is quite successful in making today’s generation realize, how beautiful the old songs were, and how different their lyrics were from those now. It ensures that it brings back music to your life. From old, romantic hits to rock numbers, Acchey Din focuses on every song that brings back some or the other memory back. Zoom has always been a channel for latest stories and update but, this program bets to differ. It focuses on the different world filled with memories. The audience attraction it is getting is extremely surprising leading to perfect ratings to the show.