Hindi Tv Serial Virrudh

Virrudh was an Indian soap opera which was based on the life of its main protagonist Vasudha. The serial was created to send a message to the viewers that every relationship is a battle. It was a unique serial. The serial did not do a good business on the TRP market as the female viewers didn’t like it. The show was not a common saga in Hindi serial. It was a show with a completely different concept and hence it claimed many awards in the critics. The normal audience and the public were not too much impressed with it but the critics prove that the show was indeed a good one.

The show didn’t get a good response from the public but it got a great response from the Jury board. The show revolved around Vasudha who was undecided between her father and her lover. He respected his father very much and considered himself as God but her father never liked her choice of husband and thus she was made apart between both of them. Her father was named Dhirendra Rai Singhania or DRS for short and her lover was named Sushant. DRS was a manipulative person. DRS owned multiple businesses but he was attracted to his newspaper entitled Dainik Darpan. He is a person who had political connections and was showed as a media baron. Her daughter believed her father blindly and was unaware about his past. She was a very loyal daughter.

DRS wanted to employ Vasudha as the new head of his company but he feared that his past will be unfolded then by Sushant and his mother. Thus he decided against it. DRS was the head of a family which was not at all functional. In his family, everybody hated him due to multiple reasons. In his family, there was an alcoholic daughter named Vedika. She hated her father due to her past experiences and she was aware about all the  crimes her father had committed. Then there was Vedant who was the only son of DRS and loved his sister Vasudha very much. Then there was Shreya who was the youngest daughter of DRS. She was immature and irresponsible and hence faced many problems. Then there was his brother VRS who aimed to take over the business of DRS, and VRS’s son named Rudraksh, who also helped his father.

The story was the clash of the titans and as the story further progressed a cop named Vikram was introduced who loved Vedika and Vedika also loved him. Shreya was trapped by Siddharth. Siddharth was instructed by Rudraksh. Shreya fell in love with Siddharth. But Siddharth was already married to Naina. Then Pariva was introduced and Vedant fell in love with her and married her but she was going to die as she had a brain tumour.

After a lot of requests, Vasudha was able to manage his father and his father agreed to their marriage. But Sushant’s mother was surprised to see Vasudha’s dad because she knew her past. But she didn’t reveal it as she thought it would be a great shock to Vasudha who considered his father as God. The date for their engagement got fixed. On the very day, when Vasudha and Sushant’s engagement occurred, Vedika got to learn the truth about his father. Actually, the truth was, Vasudha was an illegitimate child of DRS. She was born when DRS had raped Shalini who was Vasudha’s original mother but she lived in Mental Asylum as DRS planned to send her to asylum but DRS brought Vasudha who was his illegitimate child. The next day DRS went to the office and stole the file of Shalini from Sushant’s Cabin. Later he sent it to the press and thus played a dirty trick. When Vasudha found out about it, he confronted Sushant who said that DRS had stolen it. But Vasudha didn’t believe him and left him giving his engagement ring back. But returning home, she was shocked to learn from Shalini that she was her mother and that her father was the culprit who raped her mother. She decided to take revenge on her father. But the story took an interesting turn, as soon as she learnt the news that Sushant was close to death as somebody attempted gun at him. She thought it was her father and confronted him but her father denied it.

After that, she told her father that she would take revenge upon him. Her father was murdered on the very day and her father uttered only one word before dying which was Vasudha. Everybody thought Vasudha was the murderer. But actually DRS’s own daughter Shreya was hypnotised by Siddharth and then he instigated him to kill DRS. Vasudha knew the fact that Shreya had killed him but she took the blame upon her as her father instructed her to do that before dying. Nobody believed that Vasudha had killed her father even the Police. Then Inspector Vikram proposed Vasudha to marry him as she was in trouble but Vasudha didn’t oblige. Then Vasudha was released from the murder case. After she was released, there was an attempt of murder upon her. She survived somehow but was badly injured. But she remembered that Rudraksh and Siddharth had attempted that. Thus she revealed all truths along with the truth that Shreya was hypnotised when she killed her father. Thus she told it to Shreya. Then Shreya and Naina killed Siddharth together.

The serial ended on a happy note when Vasudha and Sushant patched up. Vedika was unconscious but her partner Vikram was waiting for her to be Okay. Shreya was upset because she had chosen an animal like Siddharth to be her life partner. Thus the serial ended.

The show and its casts won numerous awards such as ITA awards, Indian Telly awards, and Balaji Global awards.

Smriti Irani played her role as Vasudha, Vikram Gokhale as DRS, Sushant Singh as Sushant, Achint Kaur as Vedika, Karan Mehra as Vedant, and Mihika Verma as Shreya.

The show was premiered on the 26th of March on 2007 and ended on the 17th of January on 2008. The show had completed 165 episodes before ending. The show was broadcasted on Sony Entertainment Television.