Hindi Tv Serial Thoda Sa Aasmaan

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The serial “Thoda Sa Aasmaan” is produced under the banner of Deepti Naval Productions. Deepti Naval has made her directorial debut from the TV serial Thoda Sa Aasmaan. It is shown on DD1. Deepti has done the production, writing as well as acting in this serial. The associate writer is Neelima Goel. Hemant Chaturvedi has successfully done the camera work. Kuldeep Singh gave the best possible music for this show. It depicts the three different generations of an educated, middle-class women. After facing the turning point of their lives, they come together and move back towards their respective destinations. The story is about three women of different age groups, who suffer from some kind of dilemma in their respective lives.

All the three women belong from ordinary middle-class backgrounds. ‘Anu’ is a 19-year old girl who is ready to start with his career after completing her graduation. She is willing to become an air hostess, but she fails to get permission from her family. Her boyfriend Vicky also opposes her dream of becoming an air hostess and being a part of airlines. She gets stuck between the three major things of her life – her family, her boyfriend, and her dream. The second woman is a young married woman named ‘Naashi.’ She is 33 years old. She is a housewife, having a baby of one year and a boy called ‘Manu.’ She is married to someone of her choice, and the marriage was arranged by her family. She was a bright student in her education life and then she started her short career in literature and theatre. She thought her husband Mahesh would prove himself as Mr. Right, but nothing was like this.

The communication and the connection between the husband-wife are completely breaking down. There is no place for emotional feelings. Today Naashi is left with only the responsibilities of being a wife and a mother. She is deprived of the small happiness she has expected from her husband. There is no love, no romance, no feelings, no sharing and no togetherness between Mahesh and Naashi. Mrs. Joshi is the third character who has completed the age of 60. She has been a responsible daughter, a perfect wife and a lovely mother throughout the entire spectrum of a woman. Her daughter ‘Preeti’ is married and is a mother of three children. She also has an older son ‘Bobby’ who is settled in Canada. She has been cheated by her husband from the past 40 years. He is involved with another woman.

Mrs. Joshi is completely broken down. After knowing all this, she had no choice left but to leave her husband. Her children convince her to forget everything, but she leaves home and starts her life again. The director is trying to show many faces of womanhood through this serial. She wants to make an equal balance between males and females in our Indian society. And in the end, all the males i.e. the husbands realized the importance of women in their lives