Hindi Tv Serial Sun Yaar Chill Maar

Sun Yaar Chill Maar Hindi Tv serials on Utv bindass

Sun Yaar Chill Maar was a TV serial that was produced by UTV Motion Pictures for Bindaas TV. Bindaas known for the youth program in its channel had showcased this serial concentrating on youth characters. In this serial, there were five youth college friends who lived in their own world. Studies did not bother them, but fun and happiness were the real concern for these five students.

The fives students: Radhika, Omi, Piddi, Manoj, and Diya, were five college friends studying in a Delhi college who were very famous in the campus for their mischievous adventures. But, all adventures do not bring real happiness to one’s personal life. Hence, these students created their own troubles. The show was one of the most successful shows that were aired on Bindaas TV. But the show did not continue for a longer period as the producer closed down the show abruptly. It was a good comic relief for audiences.

The Sun Yaar Chill Maar was aired every Monday to Friday at 9.00 PM on Bindaas channel. The show was about five idiots (not 3 idiots) who were known for their pranks and madness rather than books or studies. These students lived in their own worlds outside campus too, and the episodes take us through few happenings of their life outside campus. It was a real comedy serial which started to go on air since September 24, 2007.

There was an episode where friends tried to mar the love affairs of their own friends, and they attempted to get the girl out of hero’s life even. But actually, these two lovers pretend to be lovers so that their friends become jealous of them. Later, friends even came to know that the love drama enacted by them was only to get rid of the perspective bridegroom for one of their friends.

Sandeep Anand Sandeep Anand is an Indian film and television act >> Read More... Sandeep Anand and his other four friends became heart-throb of the nation after taking part in this serial. There is also one episode where Omi’s boss falls in love with him and how he emerged as a successful model cheating his own boss. Sumona Chakraborty, Sandeep Anand, TarunPahuja and PriyaWal featured in the serial playing main cast.

The details of Sun Yaar Chill Maar cast and crew can be found in the sidebar. All the episodes of Sun Yaar Chill Maar are available on YouTube, and can be watched online.