Hindi Tv Serial Shaurya Veer Eklavya Ki Gatha

Shaurya Veer Eklavya Ki Gatha Hindi TV SERIALS on BIG Magic

This show was launched on 24th March 2017 and was to have a schedule of being a show from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm. The CEO of Reliance Broadcast Network Limited, Tarun Katyal remarked that they have decided to keep the early prime time kids heavy, hence showing the kids friendly show like Eklavya and Bal Krishna.

The story of Eklavya is shown in particular as the writer said that many people are unaware of his journey. Eklavya was a compassionate personality in the Mahabharata, and the kids’ need to know about the decisions he made in his life.

The stars of the show are Pratima Kannan and Nitant Kaushik. Nitant is the perfect match for the character of Eklavya as he has the right amount of skills to show the determination Eklavya had to fight his destiny time, and again to live the life of his dreams.