Ajay Parekh is a talented actor in Bollywood who has appeared in one of the most favorite Hindi soap operas, “ Hamari Devrani Hamari Devrani is a prominent Indian drama televis >> Read More... Hamari Devrani ”. The show was aired in the year 2011 on Star Plus and went on to broadcast over nine hundred episodes, over two seasons. The story is based on a poor girl who has been tagged to be extremely unlucky, due to the unfortunate fact that her mother passed away during the time of her birth.

As she grows, she becomes a lonely person. She is soon asked to marry a member of a very prominent family. And she was chosen because of her naïve character, hoping that she would not be greedy enough to go after their wealth and would be subordinating to all the others.

But later on, her innocence wins everyone over as she grows to be everyone favorite. But due to another unfortunate turn of events, she dies during childbirth, and the rest of the story is being carried over by her daughter. The character that Ajay Parekh plays in this sweet yet cunning drama is of “Mukesh Nanavati”.

In this entertaining romantic drama, Ajay Parekh didn’t fail to reach up to the standards that were expected of him. On the contrary, he was able to put forth an amazing performance, even higher than what might have been asked of him. This just goes on to prove the dedication this actor has and the passion he has for acting. No other actor would have been able to give the character of “Mukesh Nanavati” as much life and as much depth as done by Ajay Parekh. There was no better choice for this role to be played other than him.

Since all little things count, even the smallest of characters would bring a remarkable effect on the big picture. And due to the exceptional skills of Ajay Parekh, there was a huge effect on the entire outlook of the picture.