Hindi Tv Serial Savitri

Savitri Hindi Tv serials on Life ok

Savitri is a TV serial broadcasted on Life OK. Savitri is a story of a woman and her love for her husband Satya. This serial is based on the historical story of Savitri who saves her husband from the jaw of death. In this serial, she saves her love from Rahukaal, a devil. Rahukaal has snatched the love of Savitri and made her life a living hell. It is a story of that time, when earth is supposed to be ruled by Rahu kaal, an evil by nature. He starts loving princess Damiyanti, who in turn loves Veer, who is the senapati of her territory.

To get princess Damiyanti, Rahu challenges Veer and kills Veer. Before dying, Veer promises Damiyanti, that they will take hundred births to love each other. And after this promise, the show enters into the era of 1990s. Damiyanti and Veer are casted as Savitri and Satya respectively. Rahu’s sister keeps an eye on Satya and Savitri to make it certain that their love story could take place in 1990s. The transitions from Damayanti-Veer time to Satya-Savitri in the serial, was a good creative piece of work; good enough to ensure that the suspense element of the show, is exhibited to the audiences.