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Other names of : Sarojini - Ek Nayi Pehal
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Sarojini was an Indian, Hindi drama which was produced by Rashmi Sharma and created by Rashmi Sharma TeleFilms Limited. The show premiered on the Zee TV channel on 20 July 2015. Saraswati Chandra famed actress Shiny Doshi, and Mile Jab Hum Tum famed actor Mohit Sehgal played the primary characters. The story was set in the heartland of Bihar. The plot of the serial revolved around a young, broad-minded girl named Sarojini played by Shiny Doshi and how her life changed after marriage as she gets married into a strict and male-dominated house.

However, unlike the rest of the daughters-in-law of the house, she decides to take matters in her hand and change the outlook of her adamant, narrow-minded and dominating father-in-law. In the first episode of the show, we are introduced to the female protagonist Sarojini who is an able and intelligent girl, studying B.ed. She hailed from a middle-class family and dreamed of becoming a teacher. Along with her education, she is also shown managing the household chores and responsibility of her own house. She is shown to possess a strong character who stands up for something that she believes in and fights injustice. Simultaneously we are also introduced to the male protagonist Somendra Singh who is a fearless and carefree guy, living off his father's money. He was shown to be studying in the same college were Sarojini is studying.

Actor Pankaj Tripathi played the role of Dushyant Singh, the regressive father-in-law of Sarojini. Actor Aamir Ali also played the parallel lead of Rishabh in the show. Shiny Doshi won the Best Bahu Award in the year 2015 for her role in Zee Rishtey Awards while the show itself to earned several nominations in the Zee Rishtey Awards. However, the show couldn't quite manage to garner the previous positive response. The makers tried to revive the TRPs of the show by killing off the male character Somendra.

However, this move too didn't yield the expected result. Moreover, the makers didn't even inform Mohit Sehgal about the sudden death of his character due to which the show got embroiled in controversy. After the death of the Somendra Singh, Aamir Ali's role was turned into a lead role. The show was aired from Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm. The channel telecasted a total of 246 episodes. The final episodes was aired on 30 April 2016.