With a dashing countenance and a macho outlook, Nitin Goswami is one of the precious heartthrobs of Indian television. Owing to his natural flair, he is, gradually, becoming every casting director’s first choice when villainous role-plays are concerned. He has starred in numerous, well-known daily soaps that include Qubool Hai Qubool Hai is an Indian TV opera soap regarding th >> Read More... Qubool Hai and Sarojini. Nitin is known for his caliber to portray villainy with charisma, and so, it was no surprise to Qubool Hai’s viewership when he got introduced as Vikram, a rogue who planned to cause distress at Najma and Imran’s, played by Nehalaxmi Iyer Neha Lakshmi Iyer is one of the most gorgeous actr >> Read More... Nehalaxmi Iyer and Vikram Singh Vikram Singh is an Indian born actor. He hails fro >> Read More... Vikram Singh respectively, wedding. Qubool Hai, the production of 4 Lions Films, airs on Zee TV and violates the stereotypes against Islam.

Although he was a part of the show only for a brief interval of time, the producers of other shows had gathered enough information about his aptitude. Subsequently, he was offered a negative role in a show called Sarojini, produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms. The primary focus of the serial is to promote feminism and encourage women to break the shackles invented by a patriarchal society. The protagonist, illustrated by Shiny Doshi Shiny Doshi is an extremely talented and versatile >> Read More... Shiny Doshi , is depicted as an independent woman who tries to conquer chauvinism.

Nitin Goswami provides his face to the character of Bhaskar Dushyant Singh, an additional antagonist. According to the brilliant actor, he had to bring about quite a few variations while portraying himself as Bhaskar in Sarojini. But he overcame this challenge with style, amazing the audience. Moreover, he bagged the role of Shakti in the enticing soap Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya. Other than mainstream television, Nitin has devoted his energies towards reality shows as well. Perhaps for the very first time, he revealed his optimistic nature onscreen by enacting a part in an episode of Savdhan India, which airs on the channel Life OK.

He performed the role of an engineer who faces distress because he stood up against crime. He ventured upon starring in a film titled Badmashiyaan (2015) in which he got offered a minor part. Goswami has an interesting personal life, and he does not shy away from sharing it. He follows a strict health regime and believes in the idea of staying fit to remain happy. He is extremely conscious about his food habits. He aspires to achieve a toned body like Shahid Kapoor Shahid Kapoor also identifies as the name Shahid K >> Read More... Shahid Kapoor , and promotes the general well-being of the public. His favorite sport is cricket as it helps him shed off the extra pounds gained.