Hindi Tv Serial Resham Dankh

Resham Dankh Hindi Tv serials on Star one

Resham Dankh was a drama series under the banner of Hats-Off Production. This show is about how much a father can sacrifice for the happiness of his child. This show had a unique concept. It was a message for the young generation which thinks that their parents do not understand them. It tells them that they do not understand the pain their parents go through because of them and their comfort. The show aired in 2006 on Star One channel.

The lead characters are ‘Rahil Azam’ and ‘Mouli Ganguly’. Resham Dankh is a story of a happy joint family of Aditya Balraj, done remarkably by Rahil Azam. He is a well-established businessman in the international market. He is the owner of a silk manufacturing industry. He had a beautiful wife Divya, played by Mouli Ganguly. Everything was going good in their lives except one thing. Even after so many years of marriage, they did not have a child.

Finally, after eight years they had a son. But, their happiness was short-lived. Divya gave birth to a stillborn child. Balraj family shattered into pieces. The child was their last hope which went into the vein. While they were burying the lifeless child, the boy showed some life in himself. He started moving. It was nothing more than a miracle. It was because of all the prayers of the members of Balraj family. Since then, the child was everything to Aditya.

Aditya’s life was perfect now. His business was at its peak. He had crashed many new deals while raising his beloved son. He named him Dev. Dev was a sweet and innocent child. He was very close to his father. They both had a different bond with each other. Aditya was raising his child with all his love. Until one day, they got to know that not only Dev is naïve, but he is also very soft hearted and eco-friendly. He does not like killing the nature. He hates it if someone kills an insect. It was a big shock for Aditya as his business was all about destroying millions of cocoons and silkworms every day.

When Dev got to know about it, he started hating his father. Aditya could not bear his son’s hatredness towards him and decided to close his business. This decision demolished Balrajs’. From being the richest family, they got bankrupt. Divya tried to talk to him to rethink his decision. Aditya went out on the market and found a new way of making silk without killing any insect. Though this technique was doing well, but his competitors rose in the market.

Those who had links with Aditya were leading to losses. They decided to do something. One day, Aditya found Dev dead. Someone killed him. It was the worst news he could have ever got. Aditya left everything, and his only aim was to find his son’s murderer.

The show is all about family, sacrifice, drama, betrayal, and revenge. It ended in 2007 as the storyline got deviated from its actual plot. They had to wind it up the as the audience got lost in touch with the story. The producers of the serial were ‘Jamnadas Majethia’ and ‘Aatish Kapadia’.