Hindi Tv Serial Padosan

Padosan Hindi TV SERIALS on DD METRO

Padosan was a situational comedy show that aired on the DD National channel of the Doordarshan network. The show was the second show produced by the then-newly established Balaji Telefilms. The producers were Shobha and Ekta Kapoor who also produced ‘Hum Paanch.’ The show aired 100 episodes and enjoyed sustained popularity. Padosan was part of the so-called golden years of the Indian television when Indian television had a wide array of well written and widely beloved shows. Since then, it has been dominated by the family soap operas.

Padosan was directed by Kapil Kapur while the story and dialogues were given by Imtiaz Patel. The show starred many young faces and established actors like Shrikant Moghe, Smita Talwalkar, RakheeTandon, and Seema Kapoor. The show’s name translates to ‘a neighbour’ and is inspired by the setting of the show. The show is set in a typical neighbourhood with many families staying together. However, the focus of the show is on a joint family living together in the same house.

The focus is on the three brothers living together and their respective families. Each member of the household is a character and possesses a weird quirk. Their neighbours, too are similar to them. Despite their differences, the families live together in harmony. Each episode of the show follows the family as they try to live their life as normally as possible. However, this remains a distant dream as their family members often interfere and create a problem for themselves. The show follows their adventures as they try to navigate throughlife.

Their life changes dramatically when a new actress moves into a nearby home. The men of the household are smitten by her beauty and often look forchances to interact with her. The show follows their hilarious encounters and adventures. The show was known for how relatable it was for the common man and the way Padosan was able to capture their trials and struggles. Also, it was certainly helped by the weird and well-written characters like Jatin, who talks to inanimate objects and Archana, his wife who is always praying and is completely devoted to God.

The polar opposite is the second daughter-in-law who is obsessed with the movies and always tries to emulate the famous actresses and enact their dialogues. There is also the youngest brother Sanjay, who is notorious for his pranks and always on the look out to trick people and steal their money. With such weird characters and a good story, the show is a laugh-riot.