Hindi Tv Serial Mi Aaji Aur Saheb

Mi Aaji Aur Saheb  Hindi TV SERIALS on Imagine TV

Mi, Aaji Aur Saheb serial is shown by Shakuntalam Telefilm is Air byImagine TV. The origin country is India whereas the Language is Hindi. It has 1 season till yet with 49 episodes in total. The running time of each episode is 23 minutes and is produced by the Neelima Bajpai and Shyamasish Bhattacharya; the serial got released on 6 February 2012, and the shooting was done in Mumbai. The serials portray the story of a young school girl named Megha, ironically she lost her mother and father. Though the father was alive, still didn’t keep her daughter with him. Therefore she used to live with her maternal grandmother named as Aaji in the serial.

Saheeb is the person who is named as Vishwas in the serial, where both of them states as housekeepers and call Vishwaas as Saheb. The young girl ultimately develops as a beautiful young woman. She grows up really new from everyone’s expectations which lead Vishwaas had something different with her as Megha is not a confident and young lady which attracts Vishwaas towards her. The serial got narrated of Vasudha. She stated that Vasudha took the responsibility of her granddaughter after her Daughter's death and his father’s refusal to the safety of her own child.

So she was ultimately had to work as a housekeeper to earn the living of her granddaughter and for herself. She being a lady did his best to protect her grandchild and to make her live an aspirational and happy life. Ultimately Megha been the pillar of her grandmother’s strength and they had a beautiful bond between them which is cherished by everyone lives near them and especially by Saheb. Megha respects Vishwaas she is truthful towards her Aaji and respects both of them in a manner Megha expects him to do. This makes both of them trust Saheb the most and which ultimately took Vishwaas and Megha’s relationship on another tangent.

The serial gets most of the interesting facts because of this new turn in the relation of Saheb and Megha. The serial shows a strong and confident girl leading the serial ahead and being inspirational for many. The serial going to be an inspirational story for the upcoming generation as it shows the strong points to be inculcated in where a young girl and as per the narrator it will also capture the interest of the new generation as it shows a good bond between the two lead characters.